17'' x 49'' Gelco Stainless Steel Chimney Cap - 3-4'' Mesh-12'' Mesh Height

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  • Measures: 17" x 49" with a 12" Screen Height
  • 3/4" mesh
  • Lid Dimensions: 22 1/4'' x 54 1/2''
  • Wing nut's or cap screws with weld nut included
  • Lifetime warranty

Product Details

Gelco Stainless Chimney Protector 17" x 49" with a 12" Screen Height and 3/4" mesh. This cap has a name that means something. The Chimney Protector does just as it suggests; it protects your chimney and it's backed by Gelco's great, no-nonsense lifetime warranty.

But what really places this chimney cap head and shoulders above the rest is the engineering? It incorporates all the great features chimney professionals have asked for over the years: Like swingtab reversible mounting strips; the unique design of the swingtab allows you to simply swing the mounting strip in or out as needed for the best fit. No tools, no bolts, no awkward panels to assemble and reassemble. What could be easier?

Swingtab reversible mounting strips give you more options for installation. They might even eliminate the need for a custom-made cap because the swingtabs give you increased installation versatility. Gelco Chimney Protector has the best knock-down design on the market; hinged panels come partially assembled. Just swing them open, drop in two hinge pins and you're ready to install. Just think, no panels to bolt together, no tools to fumble with and the knock down design frees up lots of space for shipping. The Chimney Protector lid attaches with either wing nuts or cap screws. We give you hardware for both options in every Chimney Carton. Just select the lid mounting option that suits you.

With the wing nuts you don't even need a tool. If you choose, you can use a nut driver and snug it down with bolts. Either way, it's quick, easy and secure as a lid can be. All caps come with masonry fasteners for mounting onto the crown. Try out the Chimney Protector for yourself and see why so many chimney professionals are truly enthused about this great cap.

Awesome innovation, a breeze to install, built to last. Chimney Protector can now be used as a UL listed top termination cap for HomeSaver liners. Available in 13 sizes with 10" mesh or C and D model with 12" mesh. Chimney Protector Comes unassembled. Screen-to-screen size; 17" x 49". Lid size; 22 1/4" x 54 1/2". Screen Height; 12".

  • Best knock-down design on the market.
  • Wing nut's or cap screws with weld nut.
  • Lifetime warranty

Additional Information

  • Measures: 17" x 49" with a 12" Screen Height
  • Lid Dimensions: 22 1/4'' x 54 1/2''
  • 3/4" mesh
  • Wing nut's or cap screws with weld nut included
  • Lifetime warranty
Brands Gelco
Model 11760
Made In USA
Shipping Weight (lbs) 20.9000
Actual Weight (lbs) 20.9
International Shipping Yes
Material Stainless Steel
Flue Width (short side) 17 Inch
Flue Length (long side) 49 Inch
Mesh Height 12 Inches
Mesh Size 3/4'' Mesh


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