2.5'' x 6.875'' x 3 Catalytic Combustor Replacement with a Notch

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Replacement Catalytic Combustor

Gases and particles in wood burning smoke cause pollution in the air.  Do your part to cut down on pollutants in the air, reduce the possibilities of chimney fires, and make your wood stove burn more efficiently by adding a Catalytic Combustor to your system! 

Normally, smoke will ignite and burn only at temperatures of around 1000 Degrees F.  is designed to burn up air polluting gases and particles on contact (at temperatures as low as 500 Degrees) exit the stove! By converting that energy into useful heat, this Combustor is able to lesson creosote build up in the chimney and reduce air pollution by up to 90%!  Don't wait to start getting the most from your wood burning system- Invest in a Catalytic Combustor today and immediately enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, hotter, more efficient burn! Combustor is built with a notch.

It is recommended the Combustor be changed out every 6 years for maximum efficiency of the stove.

  • Built with a notch
  • 90% Less pollution
  • 90% Less creosote build up
  • Features a durable long lasting construction
  • 25 Cells per square inch that each measure 3"
  • Combustor measures 2.5" High x 6.875" Long
  • Life expectancy of around 6 years or 12,000 operating hours

  Catalytic Combustor Cross Reference Chart

Additional Information
  • Built with a notch
  • 90% Less pollution and creosote build-up
  • 25 Cells per square inch each measure 3"
  • Combustor measures 2.5" High x 6.875" Long
  • Life expectancy of up to 6 years or 12,000 operating hours
  • Temperature-resistant, wash-coated alumina oxide, metal catalyst and ceramic construction
Additional Information

Life and Performance of a Catalytic Combustor

The Catalyst is designed to burn seasoned dried wood only. Any foreign materials will poison your unit if burned on a regular basis and cause the catalyst to be saturated with byproducts, lessening the life expectancy. A sudden temperature change or uneven temperatures to the combustor's substrate can cause cracking. One of the main reasons for this happening is refueling with wood containing some form of moisture. The thermal shock comes when the moist smoke contacts the combustor running at excessively high temperatures. The cell walls will develop hairline cracks and eventually pieces will start to fall off the combustor. This loss of surface area means there will be less catalytic surface space and less efficiency of the combustor.

Most catalytic combustors that are returned are destroyed by flame impingement, broken due to accidents or mishandling, or there is nothing wrong with them but fly ash build up. A hot fire with all the primary air controls wide open or perhaps the firebox door or ash pan door ajar are ways the catalyst might receive flame impingement which will lead to the death of a catalyst. With proper maintenance and care the catalytic combustor will last for a minimum of up to 6 years or 12,000 operating hours. Performance may vary depending on stove design, operation and combustor age.

  Catalytic Combustor Maintenance

Brand WoodEze
Model 3452
Shipping Weight (lbs) 3.0000
Actual Weight (lbs) 3
Combuster Size 2.5'' x 5.563'' x 3''
Combuster Length 5.563''
Depth 3''
Combustor Width 2.5''
5 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty

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  • From Hank at 7/7/2014 2:44 PM
    • I have an Appalachian Model 36-BW wood stove purchased in 2000. The Appalachian Part # for the catalytic converters is 1810-0CAT3L. It has a longer notch than the normal 1810-0CAT3, hence the L in the part #. Question: Is the 5SA-34352 interchangeable with this part? Thanks for your help.
    • You will have to contact the manufacturer for technical support, you may contact them at Sandhill 800-258-5496. I am also including a link to the cross reference chart for Catalytic Combustors http://www.northlineexpress.com/media/wysiwyg/pdf/09catalyst.pdf
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