24'' Vestal Cast-Iron Fireplace Damper

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To ensure maximum efficiency from your fireplace, a fireplace damper is needed. This damper, with its long and smooth design, helps to ensure an even air draw for an even burn. The smooth triangular design allow smoke to escape effortlessly through your chimney while allowing you to control how much heats remains in your home with the poker-style control system.

Product Details

Vestal Cast-Iron Fireplace Damper 24" - When you come across broken, cracked or missing dampers and you want to retain a throat-style damper, the vestal Cast-Iron Fireplace Damper is the unit of choice. Includes framework, plate and poker-style controls. Also available separately is a Rotary Control and Plate.

Additional Information


  Installation Manual

Additional Information
Damper Throat Overall Damper Damper Plate
Front - 24" Front - 28" Width - 16 5/8"
Back - 18" Back - 21" Depth - 7"
Depth - 10" Depth - 13 1/2"
Height - 6"
Brand WoodEze
Model 01-001
Shipping Weight (lbs) 28.0000
Actual Weight (lbs) 28
Product Type Fireplace Damper


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