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30,000 BTU Blue Flame Wall Heater-NG

Item Code: 5EP-BF30NAT

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No matter what type of space you need to heat, Empire's American-made zone heaters will suit your needs perfectly. Empire vent-free heaters are virtually 100% fuel efficient. Because they don't require outside venting, no heat is lost. And best of all, Empire vent-free units do not require electricity to operate.


Empire vent-free heaters offer convenient, easy to operate controls on the top of the unit. The push button igniter lights the pilot, eliminating the need for matches. Each unit is test-fired in the factory and contains an oxygen-depletion sensor that shuts off the unit if not enough fresh air is available. Empire vent-free heaters are whisper quiet and use a state-of-the-art power coat process that produces a durable, scratch-resistant finish.

The BF-30 produces an inviting atmospheric warmth quickly and efficiently. Our blue flame heaters work by heating the air, which then surrounds people and objects with "atmospheric" warmth. The BF-30 offers the visual warmth of an alluring blue flame with a hydraulic thermostat that modulates from 8,500 BTUs to 30,000 BTUs for continuous temperature control. The modulating hydraulic thermostat which, upon reaching your preset comfort level, cycles the main burner flame from HI to LO and, when the thermostat is satisfied, to OFF while leaving the pilot on. This will reduce the large flame to a smaller flame while still emitting heat. The BF-30 measures 24 1/2" Wide x 6 1/2" Deep x 22" High.

  • Total comfort for half the cost of electric heat
  • Safe operation with auto shut-off safety controls
  • Matchless piezo igniter
  • Heats without electricity
  • Floor Stand Not Included
  • Made in America
Additional Information
Overall Dimensions
Width 24 1/8"
Cabinet Depth 6 1/2"
Height 22"
Temperature Control
Type Modulating Hydraulic Thermostat
Minimum Clearance From Combustible Items
Top 36"
Each Side 5"
Bottom to Floor (Wall Mounted) 2"
Bottom to Floor (Floor Mounted) 2"
Gas Inlet
Type Natural Gas (NG)
Iron Pipe Size (N.P.T.) 3/8"
Ignition System
Type Standing Pilot/Piezo
Safety Control
Type Pilot Equipped with Automatic Shut-Off and Oxygen Depletion Sensor
  • Color: Beige & Brown
  • BTU Input: 30,000 BTU's
Additional Information Download Installation Instructions and Owner's Manual
Brand Empire
Model BF30-Natural Gas
Made In USA
Shipping Weight (lbs) 38.0000
Actual Weight (lbs) 38
Fuel Type Natural Gas

5 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty -- 5 Year Limited Labor Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Posted: 2/21/14

Reviewer: Toasty Buns!

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I have a HVAC unit that is a joke when it comes to heating my home. It would easily cost me over $400 a month to heat my home on an "average" winter. After 2 years of paying high bills and still freezing I decided to give a blue flame heater a try. I purchased a different brand and had all kinds of trouble with it. It did not burn clean, the flame was always orange, and the moisture....good grief the moisture. If I didnt run a dehumidifier non-stop I would have moisture running down my walls.
After being convinced to try another brand, against my will I did. And I chose the 30,000 btu empire blue flame heater and blower. Flat out the best decision I ever made. The 1st one worked so well I bought another one the next week. After 2 winters these things became my new best friends. My house is 1200 square feet, not including the basement which is about 1200 square feet. I travel quite a bit and these 2 heaters alone have kept my house about 66-68 degrees. I have one in the basement and one on the main floor. Thats impressive considering the fact that for almost 2 1/2 months it has been way below zero every day and night. The blower is really quiet, the flame always burns a nice clear blue and even after running non-stop for a week straight the moisture level in my house is never about 50-55%. They cut my bills down to about $250 a month.......thats running NON STOP in brutal below zero temperatures with the thermostat set on 2.5 (they go from 1-5) and my house is not well insulated. It was built in 1954. They kinda look like a heater form the 1960s. Not the sexiest looking heater around but man does it work. Plus the color matches my house perfectly. Another nice feature vs. other heaters is you can completely disassemble them to clean and service them as required. They are easy to take apart and put together as well.
Now for the negatives: there are 2 and they are small
1) Per the other posters statement about chipping; both of my heaters had the same problem. It was very small and almost unnoticeable. Not a big issue for me though. Just thought it would be worth mentioning.
2) Thermostats for the blower motors. Not too impressed here. The factory thermostats that came with the stove are for 190 degrees. This means in order for the blower to kick on the thermostat has to reach 190 degrees. Not that hot for a blue flame right? Well I let both of my heaters run for hours and the blowers WOULD NOT KICK ON. The only way the blower will kick on is too turn the thermostat all the way up to 5 and let it run for about 10 minutes. Once it kicks on no worries. But I wasn’t happy with that. Their customer service was nice and helpful and I got 2 new blower thermostats that are rated for 120 degrees. Guess what……….same deal as before. And at $16 bucks a piece I have not been pleased with this. I don’t care what anyone says. You should not have to turn the heater all the way up to get the blower to come on.
Other than that you cant go wrong with one of these units. They cost more but their performance is worth the price.

Posted: 10/25/10

Reviewer: Guy David

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Delivered on time. Very easy to install, and perform better than expected.

Posted: 2/8/10

Reviewer: Richard Caccavale

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  • Quality:

I'm very pleased with the performance of this Empire space heater. It generates an impressive amount of heat. However, my unit had two chips in the finish on the reflector which should not have made it past a quality control process. I didn't want to endure the hassle of a return/exchange for these otherwise minor blemishes, and still rate it five stars for its outstanding performance.

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