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8'' DuraFlex Aluminum Chimney Liner (Gas)

Dura-Vent DuraFlexAL Aluminum Chimney Liner

DuraFlexAL is Dura-Vent's flexible aluminum liner for gas burning appliances (not for use with wood, oil, pellet, or coal burning appliances).  If you have a straight down installation DuraFlexAL is a good choice, especially if price is a concern.  We recommend you study the brochure and installation instructions to become familiar with the product.  Follow manufacturer recommendations whenever applicable. Never use a chimney liner that is smaller in diameter than the flue size of the appliance it is being connected to.  See DuraFlexSS for wood, oil, pellet, or coal burning appliances.

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DuraFlex Common Installations - DuraFlex Brochure - DuraFlex Aluminum Installation Instructions

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