AllClear Mosquito Mister Placement

ALLCLEAR Mosquito Mister Placement and Optimization

Like any other method of mosquito control, the AllClear Mosquito Mister effectively reduces mosquito populations using mosquito misting technology. However, there are a few tips and tricks regarding AllClear Mosquito Mister placement and optimization that should be followed in order to achieve mosquito misting optimum results. The AllClear Mister works on demand to quickly and simply kill mosquitoes by delivering an atomized mist for 3 minutes to effectively kill mosquitoes on contact with organic mosquito abatement,. Follow these guidelines to decide where, when and how often you operate your Mosquito Mister to instantly clear biting insects from your yard.

How does the AllClear Mosquito Mister work?

Mosquito Misters offer long-lasting mosquito control from mosquito bites by creating an invisible barrier between you and mosquitoes using various concentrates as mists to kill mosquitoes on contact. The length of protection you get against mosquitoes, black flies, gnats, and other insects while using your AllClear Mosquito Mister will depend on which concentrate you use.

AllClear Mosquito Mister concentrates

natural mosquito mister concentrate

AllClear Naturals Mosquito Mister Concentrate - 100% Natural mosquito control, DEET-free, plant-based concentrate with patented Geraniol, an extract from lemongrass plant. Offers up to 2 hours of protection.


synergized mosquito mister concentrate

AllClear Synergized PLUS Mister Concentrate - Contains Permethrin, insecticide based on natural Pyrethrins.  Offers up to 6 hours of protection.


Mosquito misting coverage and positioning

AllClear Mister Protection Zone

Position your cordless AllClear Mosquito Mister in the outdoor area that you want to protect so that the mosquito misting intervals are released in the same direction that the wind is blowing. Once your mosquito mister is positioned, you can either set the automatic timer to mist at specific time intervals or you can activate the mosquito mister from a distance with the handheld remote. The concentrated mist continues to dissipate throughout the mosquito misting area creating an invisible barrier of mosquito protection. Individual results may vary based on environmental factors such as rain, wind, sunlight, temperature, and humidity.  Mist intervals will also depend on which concentration you are using.

The AllClear Mosquito Mister is a low maintenance alternative to using mosquito traps when choosing a Mosquito Control method and figuring out how to kill mosquitoes on your property. Much like a mosquito trap, mosquito misting systems are designed to operate anytime of the day or night for long lasting mosquito control and insect protection. The AllClear Mosquito Mister is based on professional mosquito misting technology used to protect high end resorts, country clubs and restaurants and makes killing mosquitoes quick, easy, and clean.