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If you are having a problem with your pets and/or neighbors pets getting into your garbage, garden, flowerbed or doing their "business" in their favorite spot in your home, Liquid Fence had the all natural solution! Liquid Fence Cat and Dog Repellent will make your pets think twice before going back to an area that has been treated with this repellent.

Product Details

Keep dogs and cats away with Liquid Fence Dog & Cat Repellent. Just spray the Dog & Cat Repellent on the areas where your pets, your neighbor's pets and strays don't belong - lawns, flowerbeds, garden beds, trees, shrubs and trash containers. Their favorite spots become areas to avoid, not visit. Don't worry, the spray is made from all natural plant oils, so it's biodegradable and earth friendly. You can safely use it around your family and it won't harm animals or your plants.

How Liquid Fence Dog & Cat Repellent Works

Pets and strays will habitually visit the same areas seeking familiar animal scents to perform their "duties". When Liquid Fence Dog & Cat Repellent is sprayed in areas that contain these familiar animal odors, it will mask the odors, causing the animals to become uneasy, thus repelling them.

The effectiveness of Liquid Fence Dog & Cat Repellent will last a week or more and continue to act as a training deterrent for pets and strays as long as it is present. Initially, to train and break a pattern of habitual behavior, Liquid Fence Dog & Cat Repellent may need to be applied more frequently. As the animal's behavior is changed, the application frequency can be reduced.

This product is available for sale in the US only.

Additional Information

  • Made from natural plant oils
  • Environmentally safe and biodegradable
  • Great training aid
  • Won't harm dogs or cats
  • Member tested and recommended by the National Home Gardening Club
Additional Information

Repellent Ingredients

Citronella Oil - Essential oil derived form different species of 'lemon grass', a natural animal and insect repellent.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - naturally occurring wetting and thickening agent. Commonly used in toothpaste, shaving cream, bubble baths and other health and beauty products.

Geraniol - natural insect repellent with a sweet, fresh and spicy scent.

Eugenol - an essential oil from clove and cinnamon. Natural insect repellent, and used as an artificial vanilla flavoring and scent.

Garlic Oil - natural animal repellent derived from garlic, has a characteristic odor that quickly dissipates, some animals continue to be able to detect the odor of garlic for weeks.

Cinnamon Oil - natural insect repellent with a sweet, fresh and spicy scent.

Water - essential to all known forms of life and is known as the universal solvent. Used to dissolve and mix active ingredients to allow them to be readily applied.

Lime - Juice and zest of limes are highly valued for their floral aroma and acidity.

  Liquid Fence Dog & Cat Repellent MSDS

Brand Liquid Fence
Model 130
Made In USA
Shipping Weight (lbs) 8.1000
Actual Weight (lbs) 9


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