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EcoFan UltrAir Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan - Nickel Fan Blades

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Ecofans generate their own electricity from the surface heat of your wood stove and circulate warm air throughout the room, increasing your comfort and fuel efficiency.

  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Costs nothing to operate
  • Silent operation
  • No assembly required

This extraordinary fan generates its own electricity using the heat of your stove. Ecofan's patented technology allows it to adjust the ultra quiet fan speed automatically with the change in temperature of your stove. No batteries, cords, or charging are needed. The thermo-electric module acts as a generator. When it detects heat, it pumps out electricity. The Ecofan puts out up to 125 CFM to help circulate warm air through the room. Measures 7.5" Wide x 4" Deep x 8.5" High.

  • No Electricity Required!
  • Designed to circulate warm air created by a wood stove
  • Increased efficiency and comfort - warm air is circulated directly into the living area
  • Ecofan starts automatically and adjusts its speed with the stove's temperature
  • Ready To Use - No Assembly Required
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Additional Information
  • Dimensions: 7.5" Wide x 4" Deep x 8.5" High
  • Designed for Wood Stoves
  • Thermoelectric module power supply
  • 125 CFM Airflow
  • Nickel Colored Blades
  • For complete dimensions and temperature heating range, see Additional Info tab
  • Additional Information
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      Ecofan Brochure

      Ecofan Manual

    Height 8.5"
    Footprint (Base) Length 7.5"
    Footprint (Base) Depth 4"
    Blade Diameter 8"
    Blade Color Nickel
    Number of Blades 2
    Temperature Range
    Operating 150°F - 650°F (65°C - 370°C)
    Optimal 400°F - 650°F (200°C - 340°C)
    125 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
    Special Features
    For Wood, Gas, Pellet or Coal Stoves
    Black Base
    No Assembly Required
    Brand EcoFan
    Model 800CA-KBX
    Shipping Weight (lbs) 8.0000
    Actual Weight (lbs) 8
    Product Type Fans
    1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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    Customer Reviews

    Posted: 1/12/14

    Reviewer: HarmonyLady

    • Value:
    • Quality:
    • Overall:

    smartest little fan ever

    I love this little fan, and believe it or not it is not only for wood stoves. I was out of state for the holiday and placed it on my propane heater to help circulate the heat to maintain my pipes from freezing. It worked there great too....I recommend this product to anyone who wants a bit more circulation of heat.

    Posted: 12/12/13

    Reviewer: jabs

    • Value:
    • Quality:
    • Overall:


    These are neat and look like they work, but they run on heat induction and don't produce enough energy to the fan to make them worth while. I challange anyone with one of these to put a candle or match flame in front of it and you tell me if it moves any air at all. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. Use the money to by an ELECTRIC blower.

    Thank you for your review. The Eco Fans do not produce noticeable air movement (you have to put your hand rather close to it to feel the air move) but it works by moving the heat that radiates from your wood stove across the top of the stove and out into the room rather than all of the heat rising. These fans uses gentle heat displacement rather than just blowing around air and the amount of heat that they displace is dependent on the temperature of your stove, If your stove cools the blades slow and if the stove heats up the blades speed up. Even with an electric blower you will have better results on a lower setting because its not going to cool surface of your stove by blowing too much cool air over it at too fast of a rate.

    Posted: 3/17/13

    Reviewer: Bill

    • Overall:
    • Value:
    • Quality:

    Great fan!

    We had previously used the small electric ones that were mou nted in doorways. This one is far more efficient and moves warm air around for decent air distribution. We have two - one on each wood stove.

    Posted: 4/28/11

    Reviewer: Nancy M.

    • Overall:
    • Value:
    • Quality:

    We love this fan! It is much more effective at distributing the heat from our wood stove as compared to using a ceiling fan in the room. It's fun to watch & wait for the fan to turn on as the temperature rises, all without using any electricity! It's also quiet.

    Posted: 1/15/09

    Reviewer: Dave Abbott

    • Overall:
    • Value:
    • Quality:

    This product works great. Light and portable, really spreads the heat

    Posted: 12/15/08

    Reviewer: Michael T. Condie

    • Overall:
    • Value:
    • Quality:

    This fan has made a diffence on how the kitchen stays warm. Its a great fan and doesn't use electricity.

    Posted: 12/4/08

    Reviewer: Martha

    • Overall:
    • Value:
    • Quality:

    Gave it as a gift - they love it. Going to order one for ourselves. Great product.

    Posted: 11/7/08

    Reviewer: Jim Mulcahy

    • Overall:
    • Value:
    • Quality:

    I have no idea how this fan works with no obvious power source but I have been very pleased with its performance on my woodstove.

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