Chimney Pipe Differences - Which Brand is Best for Me?

which brand of chimney pipe is right for me

Choosing chimney pipe can be a daunting task, let us help.  Here are some common questions we get:

"I am installing completely new chimney pipe.  Which brand should I choose?" The top rated customer pick for new chimney installations is DuraTech chimney pipe.  DuraTech has a greater selection of pipe and fittings and is reasonably priced.

"I might have this professionally installed or might do this myself, which brand should I use?" Professional installers and homeowners alike prefer DuraTech Chimney pipe.

"I live in Canada, what brand of chimney pipe do I use?" DuraPlus HTC is specifically designed to meet Canadian chimney installations.

"I have a mobile/manufactured home and I want to put in a wood stove, what type of chimney pipe do I use?" DuraTech and DuraPlus are approved for use in mobile homes and manufactured houses.  We recommend using DuraPlus in mobile/manufactured homes since it runs cooler on the outside of the chimney and adds that extra margin of safety.

"If I already have a certain type of chimney pipe and I want to replace a couple of pipe lengths can I use any brand of chimney pipe?" Unfortunately, every manufacturer uses different methods to connect sections of pipe.  They not interchangeable.

DuraTech Chimney Pipe

Why Choose DuraTech Chimney Pipe?

DuraTech Chimney Pipe
  • Customer's Top Pick for New Chimney Installations
  • Widest selection of Class A chimney pipe and components
  • Chimney Pipe available in 8 different lengths up to 60" long and 3 different finishes
  • Double-wall construction with ceramic blanket insulation
  • 25% thicker inner wall than most Class A chimney pipe
  • Preferred by professional installers
  • Largest in-stock brand of Class A chimney pipe


What customers are saying about DuraTech Chimney Pipe:


- Works as advertised. Very easy to install and supports chimney perfectly. Thanks for the great customer service as well. You answered all of my questions correctly.

duravent chimney pipe

- A great product that made my work a lot easier. Very sturdy. I installed them on my chimney just hours before the first pre-winter storm with high winds hit. The chimney stood solid as a rock!

- We purchased a wood stove & Dura Tech Extended Roof Bracket & are extremely happy with product quality, on time delivery, & easy ordering. Would order again & have recommended NorthlineExpress to family & friends.

- The class A chimney system is performing perfectly. My savings were worth crowing about and the product shipped free to my door. Therefore, I can highly recommend NorthlineExpress as a professional trustworthy online business performing the way a business should. That is my experience and I am a happy customer.

- I found the pipe to be as represented. Although I have not had it long enough to rate its durability, I found it to be easy to install, and tight once installed.

- Well protected shipping package, easy to install, fits good.

- Thanks for a great product!

Common Installation Diagrams - DuraTech Brochure - DuraTech Installation Guide - DuraVent Warranty

DuraPlus -The chimney pipe for mobile homes.

DuraPlus Chimney Pipe

Why Choose DuraPlus Chimney Pipe?

DuraTech Chimney Pipe
  • Mobile and Manufactured Home Approved!
  • Designed to boost stove efficiency
  • Triple-Wall Construction with two insulating layers
  • Specifically designed with the Do-it-Yourselfer in mind
  • Wide variety of galvanized and stainless steel chimney pipe
  • Safe design stays cool on the outside while providing hot draft on the inside

Common Installation Dirgrams - DuraPlus Brochure - DuraPlus Installation Guide - DuraVent Warranty

DuraPlus HTC - Canadian Installation Approved.


DuraPlus HTC Chimney Pipe

Why Choose DuraPlus HTC Chimney Pipe?

DuraTech Chimney Pipe
  • Designed specifically for Canadian installations.
  • Thermal Tech II blanket insulation
  • Considerably lighter than competing pipe brands
  • Easy installation with precision twist-lock connection
  • Safe design stays cool on the outside while providing hot draft on the inside

DuraPlus HTC Brochure - DuraPlus HTC Installation Guide (English) - DuraPlus HTC Installation Guide (French) - DuraVent Warranty

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