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How to Choose a Fireplace Screen

How to Choose a Fireplace Screen

Fireplace screens are a fabulous addition to your fireplace hearth and we offer one of the largest selections of screens available anywhere! Our fireplace screens are available in a huge selection of styles, including single panel, three panel, bowed, summer screens, and glass fire screens to fit any home. Add beauty to your fireplace while protecting the surrounding area from flying sparks and keeping kids and pets safe from the fireplace.

Take a look at the chart below and decide which fireplace screen is best for you. When you find one that suits you, follow the link to the website and browse a variety of fireplace screens in the collection of your choice. If you already know which type of fireplace screen you are looking for, view our entire fireplace screen collection here.

Sample Picture Description of Screen in Specified Collection
fireplace screens Many people think of a screen when they're really wanting a fireplace door. Here we have a large selection of stock and custom fireplace doors for any fireplace size.
fireplace screens For large or unusual sized fireplaces you may need a custom screen. In this section we show a number of styles and options for screens custom made just for you.
fireplace screens Single panel screens offer a smooth look along with ease of use. Some screen offer rear adjustable legs to allow you to push the screen flush against the fireplace opening to give you complete coverage of your opening. Handles allow you to easily pick up the screen and set it aside for loading firewood.
fireplace screens Bowed Screens add a three dimensional look to your fireplace along with giving you superior coverage and ease of use. Handles allow you to easily pick up the screen and set it aside for loading firewood. Because they are bowed they do not need legs to help them stand however on uneven hearths this may not be the best choice.
fireplace screens Door Screens are the new craze. Doors placed on the frame of the screen allow you to load your fireplace through the screen without having to pick it up and move it. These are especially nice for anyone with back problems or trouble lifting large items.
fireplace screens Folding fireplace screens allow for a three dimensional look as well as making loading your fireplace very easy. You don't have to move the entire screen to add wood just open one side and leave the rest in place. Also they are easy to fold up and store during the off season. Large screens can be awkward and hard to move so handles are placed on each side panel to make it easy.
fireplace screens Child guard fireplace screens help protect little ones from getting too close to a fireplace or wood stove. The HearthGate version offers the most protection and flexibility with it's optional extension panels available in 8" and 24" widths. The HearthGate can be securely attached to walls and has a heavy-duty gate allowing entry.  Other styles are also available.
fireplace screens Summer fireplace screens are used for many reasons but most of all to add beauty to a fireplace that is not in use, keep pets and children out of the fireplace and to add some life to a plain fireplace while in the off season. These Summer Screens go great with our Fireplace Candelabra.
fireplace screens Spark guard screens are an easy and inexpensive way to protect your floor and hearth from sparks. The handles are attached to the frame instead of the screen for support. These spark guards will last for years and years.
fireplace screens Fan screens add color and beauty to your fireplace while not in use or for decoration while not in the fireplace season.
fireplace screens Screens wear out and get difficult to slide open. In this section you will find replacement screens, attached screens, rod kits, valance kits and more.

If you are looking to add a safety and security to your hearth area or maybe a little elegance and style, fireplace screens are the perfect fireplace accessories to do just that. They will add decorative flair to your hearth area and make your fireplace the focus of your home, all the while protecting wood floors, carpet, and surrounding hearth furniture from floating sparks and rolling logs.

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