Mosquito Traps

Mosquito Traps are great long term mosquito control solution for residential and commercial properties alike. The concept behind the success of mosquito traps is that they work to reduce the mosquito population by interrupting the breeding cycle. By attracting and killing female mosquitoes in search of a blood meal the mosquito trap not only kills the female mosquito but it also kills the next generation of mosquitoes. If put in place early in the season it is possible to control the mosquito population in your area before it ever gets out of control.
When mosquito traps are used in conjunction with other mosquito control methods like mosquito dunks or mosquito barrier they become even more powerful compounding your results. We have a complete offering of the top mosquito traps in the industry to fit every need.
If you want to quickly get our recommendation on the best approach to mosquito control; please read our 4 Steps to Mosquito Control Article.

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