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SkeeterVac mosquito traps provide outstanding mosquito control performance and are extremely reliable and effective at attracting, trapping, and killing a variety of mosquito species, including the Asian Tiger mosquito. Many homeowners and business owners have agreed that SkeeterVac mosquito traps have reduced their mosquito nuisance and allowed them to enjoy a safer, mosquito-free outdoor environment.

At we appreciate our customer's feedback and are proud that we can help them achieve mosquito control success. Read these customer testimonials and see how the SkeeterVac can help you take back your property.

SkeeterVac Reviews We received our SkeeterVac SV5100 about 3 months ago and we love it! We can't believe the number of mosquitos that have been trapped in that short amount of time. Before the SkeeterVac we couldn't sit out on our deck or work in our garden, day or night! Now we still have a few, but nothing like it was prior to the SkeeterVac. Bug spray didn't even seem to keep them away. If you spoke, you actually ate one or two! I have never seen the bugs this bad here in Michigan. What's even better, is that the biting flies are stuck to the fly paper on the outside of the machine. I mean the paper is completely covered in flies!

Great machine! We will probably purchase another one next year since we have a large area to cover.

SkeeterVac Review I used to get assaulted by mosquitoes just from walking outside. Since getting the SkeeterVac, the mosquito population has significantly reduced and we are able to enjoy our backyard again.

SkeeterVac Reviews before sv5100 I couldn't go out in my backyard after 6:00pm. Now I can go out with shorts on and enjoy my yard and hardly notice a mosquito and it also puts the hammer on the flies I would definitely buy this again thank you satisfied customer Ron Brossart

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SkeeterVac Reviews I've had my SkeeterVac SV5100 trap for about a month and I must say that this was the best $400.00 dollars I've ever spent. We have woods on 2 sides of us and this trap hasn't removed all of the mosquito but it has greatly reduced them and made our yard very enjoyable.

SkeeterVac Reviews This has changed the way we live at our house. We have never been able to go outside for more than a few minutes - now we can garden, eat a meal, swim - WE LOVE IT - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

 SkeeterVac Reviews An excellent product that has significantly reduced our mosquito population, despite increased rainfall this spring. Our only complaint is that it goes through Propane tanks faster than advertised - a tank every 2-3 weeks, which can get expensive! But it's easy to set up, easy to move around, fairly low-profile, and fairly quiet just a soft blowing sound from the fan. We do like it, and we're very glad we bought it before this really rainy spring season, or we'd be eaten alive by now! Thanks!

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SkeeterVac Reviews We did so much research and this unit has had a significant effect in our Maryland area. It's run for it's first month, 36 days on 1 propane tank.. and even though the bug tray wasn't loaded, the sticky strip picked up quite a few biting bugs. Even after extensive rainstorms, the biggest effect was in the yard itself as we have not been bitten as before. I have 3 acres, and use the backyard alot for entertaining. I am very happy and hope these results continue throughout the summer. The unit is not bulky, rolls well, very quiet and it's very easy to install the lure and sticky band. I feel this was the right choice and good value.

SkeeterVac Reviews I greatly appreciate everything you have done in a timely manner and wanted to mention that I received my shipment yesterday Tuesday 22 2010 and within an hour had my Skeeter Vac SV5100 up and running. I walked out this morning and was pleasantly surprised at how well it works in only 9 hours their were over 100 mosquito in the trap. Nice product very nice, I will let you know how everything goes in a few weeks. Thank you again for everything. JM

SkeeterVac Reviews I bought the top of the line Mosquito Magnet for $1,000, fought with it for 3 - years and ended up throwing it out. Was skeptical about the Skeeter Vac, until a neighbor bought one. Hands down better than the Magnet. Easy assembly and operation it actually catches Mosquitoes.

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SkeeterVac Reviews worth every penny! We knew the benefits of the SkeeterVac, my mother-in-law has the smaller one. We can be outside in the evening now, we live in south Georgia and mosquitos are terrible. You will not regret purchasing this product.

SkeeterVac Reviews This is the second Skeetervac product I've bought. I live in the woods on southern Alabama. This product makes that proposition livable. My guess is that I'm killing a thousand or so females a week. The net effect of that on the local population is significant.

SkeeterVac Reviews It's hard to believe the difference. Last season we were eaten alive whenever outside. Placed this in our backyard and have maybe had two to three bites for the entire family this season key is to start it just before the mosquito season. Highly recommend.

SkeeterVac Reviews This thing really collects bugs! Gnats, flies, mosquitos - it traps them all. It makes our mountain home more livable, and for your customer reps information, yes, we do have mosquitos above 11,000 feet and yes, the SkeeterVac does work at that altitude. However, the locals take on this machine is that it attracts millions and kills thousands. In other words, it will alleviate the problem, but won't eliminate it.

SkeeterVac Reviews We are very happy with our SkeeterVac. What i like is the fact that i do not have to have any electric to it. No cords laying in our yard. Plus it seems to be working great. I cleaned it for the first time and we think we had at least a thousand of them in the basket, besides all the dead flys and bees that get caught on the sticky paper.

SkeeterVac Reviews My husband and I spent hours on-line reviewing the many different types and models of mosquito killers. We decided on the SkeeterVac SV5100 because of the attractive price and other's reviews. We have a little over an acre in the mountains. We have a stream on our property along with several natural wetland areas. I couldn't even go out in the backyard to water our plants after 7 p.m. or risk being eaten alive. After my husband set up the unit, I have been able to enjoy the backyard again. We haven't had any problems with this product. It is a little unsitely seeing all the bugs stuck to the sticky wrap on the outside of the unit, but hey, at least they aren't stuck on me! It has a ton of flies stuck to it as well. Overall, we are quite pleased with the product.

SkeeterVac Reviews I have had a Skeetervac for about a month now and let me tell you it works great! We live about 400 feet from a slow flowing creek and could not go outside without getting bitten at least 5 times in a minute or two. After a week there was a noticeable decrease in the mosquito population and by week three we were almost never bothered. In that timeframe we caught over 1000 mosquitoes and had to replace the stickytape early because there were so many 'quitos on it. To top it all off, we got over 12 inches of rain a few days ago and our back yard flooded. The Skeetervac up and floated off in about 10 feet of water. After the water subsided we found it 200-300 yards away tangled 5 feet up in a tree. We pulled it down dried it off with a fan for 2 days and fired it back up - and lo and behold everything worked on it, like nothing ever happened! I cannot say enough about this Awesome product and will buy another if this one wears out. Thanks Blue Rhino for such a great machine.

SkeeterVac mosquito traps offer safe, effective, and affordable mosquito control. They make eliminating mosquitoes an easy task with 24 hour operation that begins attracting, trapping, and killing mosquitoes immediately. Within 4-6 weeks of SkeeterVac operation, you should see a significant reduction in mosquito nuisances as egg laying females are killed and breeding cycles are interrupted. Join these proud SkeeterVac owners and enjoy your back yard more than ever in a mosquito-free environment.