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Ergonomic, Effective, Economical, Convenient!

Split logs using minimum force, with minimum risk! Smart Splitter is a wood splitting tool that is designed for safety and ease of operation, saving your back, arms and shoulders!

  • 4-in-1 Tool: Axe, Splitting Axe, Splitting Hammer, and Wedge
  • Can be used inside or out
  • Easy Assembly

If you are looking for the easiest and safest way to split wood, look no further than the Super Firewood Splitter. This product will revolutionize the way you split firewood by making it easier, safer and most importantly - Fun! This Swedish patented invention is extremely easy to use and splits even the toughest firewood.

Measures 55-1/4" High and weighs 27 lbs.

Note: Your log base will require a hardwood stump with a maximum recommended height of 14" and a diameter of 14" to 15".

Editors Note: This is the best firewood splitter I have ever used except for a hydraulic unit costing thousands of dollars. It is truly easy and fun! Even splits hard-to-split firewood like wood with knots.

Safe for everyone to use. Just lift the striking weight and release.

Ergonomic- Saves your back and shoulders from strain.

Effective- Always hits the log in the right place with up to 14 tons pressure at the edge of the blade.

Economical- Built to last with no maintenance required.

Convenient- Takes up little space and is easy to assemble and store.

Easy setup-

  • Use a drill to make a 12 cm deep hole in your wood base.
  • Insert the Smart-Splitter into your base
  • You then tighten the bolt with a wrench so it is securely fastened in the splitting wedge.
  • Lift the handle and place the log you wish to cut under the wedge.
  • Lift the striking weight with both hands and drop it on the splitting wedge.
  • Put the split log back under the weight to cut kindling also.
  • Also see the Smart Holder - Great companion to the Super Splitter!
Additional Information
  • Total height from base: 55"
  • Maximum diameter of log recommended: 24"
  • Maximum recommended height of the log base: 14"
  • Recommended diameter of the log base: 14" to 15"
  • Weight of striking weight: 7.75 lbs.
  • Drill hole diameter: 3/4"
  • Drilling depth: 4 3/4"
  • Distance between hole and edge: 3 3/4"
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Brand AGMA
Shipping Weight (lbs) 25.0000
Actual Weight (lbs) 25
Splitter Product Type Manual Log Splitters

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Customer Reviews

Posted: 10/17/2013

Reviewer: Pdeuel

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  • Value:
  • Quality:

It really is Super

At just this side of 70 my shoulder is getting sore more often while splitting small logs and kindling for my wood stove.
Several people laughed but then tried it. HA HA. Just what I needed. Well worth the price and includes the wrench it needs AND the paddle bit needed to drill the hole it needs to be set up in on your base log. thanks for a great product Sweden and fast ship from Northern Express.

Posted: 11/25/2012

Reviewer: dan

  • Value:
  • Quality:
  • Overall:

very nice product.

Makes splitting wood very easy. I use a wedge and sledge to split the large logs into smaller pieces then i use the smart splitter to finish the job. Can finish splitting a log in about three strokes.

Posted: 1/9/2012

Reviewer: Eleanor Chu

  • Overall:
  • Value:
  • Quality:

Something so small can be quite amazing!!!! When one of our workers took it out of the package, he and 2 others just laughed and thought it was a joke, until I showed them how it worked. They were amazed!!!

Thank you,

Posted: 12/16/2011

Reviewer: Fernando Ramirez

  • Overall:
  • Value:
  • Quality:

Definetely makes your jobso very easy

Posted: 12/23/2009

Reviewer: Sarita Nunez

  • Overall:
  • Value:
  • Quality:

it is more then excelent...I will get one more..just in case..thanks..please
keep it affordable..

Posted: 11/2/2009

Reviewer: Kevin Allard

  • Overall:
  • Value:
  • Quality:

It truly will cut through any knots or defects in a log. I still love my splitting mall but this is great for the hard stuff and AWESOME for making kindling. It is a lot easier than trying to make kindling with an ax or hachet.

Posted: 4/18/2009

Reviewer: terry arceneaux

  • Overall:
  • Value:
  • Quality:

It works like it shows, Very well

Posted: 4/7/2009

Reviewer: Percival

  • Overall:
  • Value:
  • Quality:

We've had this woodsplitter for about a month now and both my partner and I really love it. It works exactly as the video shows: it splits whole logs, quarters already split logs and is amazing at speedily chopping up kindling. I love being able to split my own logs and chop my own kindling, as in the past I've been stuck in a chilly house without kindling until my partner got home from work.

I have learned, however, that it's important that the base log be in good condition the manual states this explicitly, else the rubber ring that protects the stump from the weight of the maul gets chewed up. I don't know if replacement parts are available on this wood splitter but I'm hoping to find a replacement rubber ring at our local hardware store.

All in all, highly recommended. 5 stars!

Posted: 4/3/2009


  • Overall:
  • Value:
  • Quality:

This splitter is an excellent concept, but needs more power. It is fine on small straight grained logs, but needs more weight for tougher logs.

Posted: 2/20/2009

Reviewer: susan

  • Overall:
  • Value:
  • Quality:

I have never reviewed anything I've bought online before, but I have to pass on how incredibly thrilled I am with my wood splitter! My husband thought it would never work, but he loves using it as much as I do! I use it to re-split wood in order to fit it into my wood stove, and it is a fabulously safe and effective tool. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Posted: 11/22/2008


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  • Quality:

The best log splitter i have ever used.

Posted: 3/4/2008

Reviewer: Kathryn A. Olson

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  • Quality:

October 19., 2006
Dear Northline,
In this day and age it is welcome to not only receive great products but great service. I ordered a wood rack for our wood box in our hearth and it not only fit as stated in your web site it is great quality. The new tool set is just as pictured and it looks great with our new wood insert stove. I also ordered your easy wood splitter. It works great but I would suggest people use ear protection when in use. I am a small woman with not much upper body strength but this wood splitter works in about 7 slides to split a half log. Oh yes, I bought a steamer from a local store and it cost me $15.00 more than you charge. I now realize I need gloves to protect my hands from the heat of the stove when loading wood so I will be ordering them soon. You got the products to me quickly and kept me informed as to the progress of shipping. Keep up the good work it is appreciated.
Thank you.

Questions on Super Firewood Splitter

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  • From Steve at 10/17/2012 8:11 PM
    • Hi,
      Wondering if you can tel me the difference between the Easy-Split Wood Splitter and the Super Firewood Splitter? They look the same to me, so wondering why the price difference.
    • Both log splitters work on the same principle; the weight is slid down the rod hitting the wedge; forcing it through the firewood. The big difference is that the Easy Split Log Splitter is hand held whereas the Super Firewood Splitter is mounted to a large log or other base leaving both hands free. Both work well; I prefer the Super Firewood Splitter. ...Robert
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