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Burn efficiently, protect your woodstove and burn safer! The Vogelzang Stovepipe Thermometer informs you which range you are burning in. So you can keep your stove burning at a safe flue temperature, with just a quick glance at the thermometer. When the front glass gets black the thermometer will read in the Too Cool range. When the carbon on the glass dissappears it indicates that the burn range is spot on. And the Too Hot range is key for monitoring high temps and prolonging the life of your burner.

  • Attaches to stove top, door or flue pipe
  • Prevent over firing

Product Details

This thermometer helps you operate your stove more efficiently and safely, by providing you with important information you need to know to control your wood or coal stove. The Vogelzang Thermometer attaches to your stovepipe magnetically so you can begin using it right away to measure the surface temperature of your fluepipe. The surface temperature of a fluepipe is normally about 40% to 50% less than flue-gas temperature at the center of the pipe. On dark fluepipe, readings are accurate to +5% of full scale. On galvanized fluepipe, add 15% to the reading due to the lower emissivity of light colored surfaces.

This thermometer will help you in many ways. First, by monitoring your temperature range, you can make your fires last longer, which saves on reloading. Cut down on chimney cleanings by burning wood completely in the best operation range, avoiding chimney fires by keeping from overheating. Lastly, it will help you extend the life of catalytic combustors by letting you know when you are overheating the fireplace.

For most accurate readings its recommended to place the thermometer on the stove pipe at least 12'' above the stove top.

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