Wood Stove Thermometer Buying Guide

Having Trouble Choosing a Wood Stove Thermometer? We can Help!

If you heat your home with a wood stove, monitoring the temperature of your wood burning fire with a wood stove thermometer is essential to how safely and efficiently your wood stove is operating.

Wood stoves that burn at cold temperatures will produce creosote and wood stoves that burn too hot run the risk of over-firing

Wood stove thermometers are an affordable, easy way to monitor the temperature of your wood burning fire and ensure that your wood stove is operating safely and efficiently.

There are four main types of thermometers that are most commonly used among wood burners to monitor the temperature either in the wood stove or in the stove pipe:

Magnetic Stove Pipe Thermometers

Magnetic Stove Pipe Thermometers are designed to be magnetically attached to stove pipe lengths. Once attached, they produce an accurate temperature reading based upon the temperature of the stove pipe. Magnetic stove pipe thermometers are inexpensive and they work great for single wall stove pipe.

  magnetic stove pipe thermometer

Magnetic Stove Top Thermometers

Stove Top Wood Stove Thermometers are designed to be placed directly on the top of the wood burning stove. Once the thermometer is placed on the top of the stove, it will display a safe and efficient operating range based on the temperature of the top of the wood stove.

  magnetic stove top thermometer

Catalytic Combustor Thermometers

Catalytic Combustor Thermometers not only give you an accurate temperature reading of your wood burning stove, they also signal when to switch off bypass and when to reduce fire, and they indicate the declining performance of a failing catalyst and let you know when it is time to replace it. Catalytic combustor thermometers are used for efficient wood stove operation and accurate measurement of gas temperatures immediately behind a combustor.

  catalytic combustor thermometer

Stove Pipe Probe Thermometers

Stove Pipe Probe Thermometers are designed to gauge the temperature within the center of the stove pipe. If you have double wall stove pipe installed you'll need to use this type since magnetic thermometers only produce an accurate reading when used with single wall pipe. Installing this type of thermometer requires a small hole to be drilled into the stove pipe so the probe can be inserted.

  stove pipe probe thermometer

Even if you're a seasoned wood burner and you've perfected gauging the temperature of your wood burning stove without the use of a wood stove thermometer, installing one gives you that extra piece of mind. Wood stove thermometers are so easy to use, they take seconds to install and most models are under $30.

Get your wood stove thermometer today and prevent costly accidents to your chimney system and wood burning stove.