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Let us help you design your chimney! is the leading online supplier of fireplace, hearth and chimney products in the US. The business was founded by Rob Cochran in 1994, and was acquired by Online Stores in 2017. Our greatest and most reputable strength is assisting our customers in designing chimney installations from start to finish, resulting in tens of thousands of satisfied customers. For personal assistance in choosing your product, talk to one of our helpful specialists by calling 1-866-667-8454. Find chimney items specifically fit for your housing information and measurements using the Chimney Wizard. The short quiz will eliminate what you scrolled past while narrowing your search to a condensed list for easier, quicker shopping. From stainless steel chimney and stove pipes that offer high quality damage protection to your chimney, patio heaters to huddle warmth into the outdoor dining table and lounge area in the winter, wood burning stoves for using the most efficient home heating, and extra heavy-duty fireplace grates for hefty loads of firewood to keep your fire going longer, our products will make your decision simpler.

Our site features top high-end brands for chimney items, electric fireplaces, wood stoves and wood stove inserts, mosquito control products including mosquito traps and mosquito protection, and water-resistant as well as waterproof canopies. DuraVent, Selkirk, and Superior, for example, are industry leaders in chimneys, and ShastaVent exceeds industry safety standards. Cambridge electric fireplaces are known for their fine, high-quality materials that retain their strength throughout long-lasting lives. Our selection for wood stoves promises trusted and popular brands, including Buck, US Stove Company, Osburn, and MF Fire—who offers patented advanced fire technology for high efficiency and low emissions. Our virtual shelving for mosquito traps and mosquito protection features well reviewed products that provide extreme power over DIY traps that often fail. SkeeterVac tricks insects into thinking the trap is a host, Mosquito Barrier uses a non-toxic garlic formula, Mega-Catch provides environmentally friendly mosquito traps, and Buzz Patch products are designed for kid safety. With reliability, King Canopy and Shelter Logic know that canopies need to be strong enough for wind storms and weather, and both ensure your outdoor shade will stand firmly with tough construction and advanced durable fabrics. Our patio heater brands, Hanover and Fire Sense, ensure quality in their heating technology that makes the less-known brands forgotten. Among our many top-selling products is the 4-ton electric log splitter made by our own brand, WoodEze. It received excellent customer responses for its super-strength power while saving time and physical effort when chopping firewood. And browse more WoodEze products for a variety of firewood accessories and outdoor items including canopies, patio heaters, and purchases used for cooking, such as a pizza oven that comes with a free pizza stone for combining their powers, to double-up in improving pizza crust, an expandable firewood rack made from premium steel materials, and more.

Our online assembly of home products will upgrade your living space with gas fireplaces for avoiding the burdens of real wood, and charming fireplace glass doors including custom doors made to your specific eye for style. We offer products with unique designs that can become a favorite among guests, such as fire pit rings that feature cut-out designs in the shapes of the tree of life symbol, a starry night and crescent moon over pine trees, big fish for a gift to a fisherman, and more. We offer decorative fireplace screens that sing in any interior decoration, and home furniture from high-comfort gaming chairs and upholstered headboards with foam padding that cushions your back to upholstered dining chairs. Our firesafe pieces in the home goods section range from kettles and steamers made of cast iron for heating water over a fire the old-fashioned way, as well as other cast iron products, to fire bowl centerpieces with a flickering flame inside a bowl of smooth stones that brings a warm light to the table. When making your home a better place to live with new products, you can receive your orders with 3-5 day free shipping for purchases over $99.00 to quicken the long wait for new home products that often take months to arrive. Northline Express offers strong high-quality hand-picked items, and our store was ranked higher than a significant number of larger companies with a first-place name in Best Online Shops for 2020 in the "DIY Tools and Supplies" section of Newsweek magazine. We ensure with certainty that after finding quality products at low price deals, you'll be satisfied.