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Let us help you design your chimney! is the leading online supplier of fireplace, hearth and chimney products in the US. The business was founded by Rob Cochran in 1994, and was acquired by Online Stores LLC ( ) in 2017. We supply both retail and wholesale customers ranging from DIY to construction companies. Our team of experts has over 40 years combined experience in fireplace products and chimney design. We have supplied products to over 100,000 satisfied customers. We offer products from over 50 leading fireplace and chimney companies. We pride ourselves in our product knowledge, excellent range of products and our commitment to take care of our customer. Our goal to help our customers make life more enjoyable by offering quality products and delivering on our promise of value, quality, safety and durability.

One of our strengths is designing chimney pipes, with tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Please use our Automated Expert Chimney Builder for our free chimney design service, and one of our helpful specialists can further assist you by calling 1-887-734-2458 .

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