null 17" x 21" HomeSaver Stainless Steel Single-Flue Chimney Cap, 5/8" Mesh, 304-Alloy
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17" x 21" HomeSaver Stainless Steel Single-Flue Chimney Cap, 5/8" Mesh, 304-Alloy

17'' x 21'' Gelco Stainless Steel Chimney Cap
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HomeSaver Stainless Small-Mesh Chimney Cap 17" x 21" - Many localities (primarily in California) have spark arrestor codes that call for 1/2" spark arrestors. California code states that a sphere larger than 1/2" in diameter should not penetrate the screen. Thus, the spark arrestor screen actually measure 5/8" from center to center, but still won't let a 1/2" sphere through. This makes them somewhat clog resistant while still meeting major code interpretations. Also, this cap offers the ability to fit square, round, rectangular, or oval flue tiles because of its special base. This is done by welding triangular pieces to the corners of the cap's one-piece base. The HomeSaver Small Mesh Chimney Cap is a great choice when you need small mesh caps and/or a choice for different flue tile sizes and shapes.

  • 8" Screen height
  • 17" x 21" Base size
  • 5/8" California-sized mesh
  • 18-ga. base and mesh, 24-ga. lid
  • 100% 304 Stainless steel construction
  • Ability to fit square, round, oval, or rectangular flues
  • Fits outside tile dimensions 15" x 19" to 17 1/2" x 21 1/2"

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Country Of Origin United States
Fits Lengths From 20 Inch
Fits Lengths From 21 Inch
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Fits Lengths From 19.5 Inch
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Fits Lengths From 21.5 Inch
Fits Widths From 15 Inch
Fits Widths From 15.5 Inch
Fits Widths From 16 Inch
Fits Widths From 16.5 Inch
Fits Widths From 17 Inch
Fits Widths From 17.5 Inch
Mesh Height 8 Inches
Product Type Chimney Caps
Pipe Piece Chimney Cap
Mesh 5/8in Mesh
Color Silver
Color Name Silver
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Brand Homesaver


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