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20ft Valley Forge Silver Aluminum Flagpole with 3'x5' Sewn Nylon US Flag

Valley Forge
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20 Foot Aluminum Outdoor Residential Flagpole Kit

Aluminum flagpoles available at NorthlineExpress include the Valley Forge 20-foot flagpole that includes a 3' x 5' American flag. Made in five sections and measuring 2" in diameter, this flag pole by Valley Forge is made of 16-gauge aluminum that is maintenance-free. It also comes with a gold ball top, a ground sleeve, rope, a pulley, and all the other accessories needed for assembly. Shipping from Online Stores is free.

The 20ft Valley Forge Aluminum Flagpole with 3'x5' Sewn Nylon US Flag features an imported flagpole, made in China and a 3' x 5' American flag made in the United States. Setting up your new flagpole has never been easier with 5 sections to work with and choose just how tall you want your flagpole to be. 16-gauge aluminum and a 2" diameter give this flagpole some great durability. The 20ft Valley Forge flagpole also comes with all the accessories you need to hoist your flag and have it look great doing it. The accessories included in this kit are a rope pulley used to raise your flag, a ground sleeve for installation of the flagpole, and a glorious gold ball top to add that little bit of extra class that looks great no matter where you put your new flagpole. The flag that comes with this Valley Forge flagpole is made by the same company and is one of our most popular selling outdoor flags. Coming in at the standard 3 feet by 5 feet size and made of nylon, this specific flag is made in the U.S.A and comes with strong sewn stripes and beautifully embroidered stars. Nylon has been dubbed the "all-weather flag", and fairs well even when the weather is not.

If you have been looking for a quality flagpole that has everything you need to get Old Glory up and waving in the air, look no further because you have found it.

Flagpole Kit Includes:

  • Plastic ground sleeve
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Rope and all the fittings you need
  • 3ft x 5ft sewn nylon American flag, made in the US by Valley Forge, with embroidered stars
  • 20ft sectional pole 2-inch diameter made of maintenance-free 16-gauge aluminum with gold ball top

Note: This is residential grade product.

Commercial - We also offer Heavy Duty 20ft Flagpole Kits with a 3-inch tapered pole, and Commercial Grade Sectional Flagpoles. The commercial grade flagpole is much sturdier and is rated for a constant 71 mph windspeed with a 3ft x 5ft flag.

Solar light - The United States Flag Store also has all the accessories you will need to make sure your flag does what it needs to do. If you want to keep your flag waving at night, check out these luminous solar-powered flagpole lights that will help you do just that. They will keep you in line with proper flag etiquette and look fantastic doing it.

How Much is a Flagpole?

Flagpoles are by no means cheap, of course, this is going to vary depending on what you not only want to get but also what you can afford. At the United States Flag Store, we have flagpoles that start just over $60 all the way up to $800 plus for our commercial grade heavy-duty flagpoles.

How Feep of a Hole For a 20 ft. Flagpole?

According to our assembly instructions that come with this particular flagpole, for a 20 ft flagpole, you want to dig a hole that is 26 inches deep.

How to a Install 20 ft. Flagpole?

We have linked below the instructions on the installation of this particular product.

View assembly instructions for this flagpole kit ( 2.5 Mb PDF file )

  • Made in China
  • 2" diameter, made in 5 sections
  • High quality residential grade 20ft
  • Made by Valley Forge Flag Company
  • Total length 22ft, 2ft cemented into ground
  • Includes 3ft x 5ft American Flag - US made
  • Maintenance free 16 gauge aluminum with gold ball top
  • Comes with all accessories, ground sleeve, rope, pulley etc
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