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5'' DuraVent DuraLiner Chimney Liner

Dura-Vent DuraLiner Chimney Liner
DuraLiner is Dura-Vent's premium high temperature, all fuel masonry relining system. It is designed to resist creosote buildup in masonry chimneys venting open fireplaces or other appliances. DuraLiner is double-wall constructed and factory insulated so there is no need to insulate the liner as with other chimney liners. DuraLiner is UL listed zero clearance between masonry and combustibles. Rigid inner liner is .016" 304 stainless steel. Outer liner is .018" aluminium steel. Flex lengths are .016" 304 stainless steel, 4-ply. We recommend you study the brochure and installation instructions to become familiar with the product. Follow manufacturer recommendations whenever applicable. Never use a chimney liner that is smaller in diameter than the flue size of the appliance it is being connected to.
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