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6" Magic Heat Wood Stove Heat Reclaimer

6'' Magic Heat Wood Stove Heat Reclaimer
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6'' Magic Heat Wood Stove Heat Reclaimer/Blower- Flue Heat Exchanger

What is the purpose of a Wood Stove Heat Reclaimer -FlueHeat Exchanger?

Most people buy a wood stove as a focal point for their room and for its heating properties. Many homes now use wood stoves to supplement their home heating or as its exclusive heat source. It is important to note that even the most efficient heating appliances let a large quantity of the heat escape up the chimney (flue) in the form of hot air, gases, and smoke. The purpose of a heat reclaimer is to capture the heat from the exhaust air escaping up your wood stove's flue and put it into the room. In short, a heat reclaimer uses the laws of thermodynamics to save you a lot of money on your heating bill and that is money back in your pocket!

The 6" Magic Heat Reclaimer is designed as a true heat exchanger. The exhaust heat and gases travel upward through the flue, circulating around, and heating, the ten heat-exchanger tubes. Air from outside of the stove pipe is forced through the heated tubes where it is warmed and then forced out into the room, literally reclaiming heat that otherwise would be lost out the chimney. The built-in, pre-set thermostat automatically turns the blower fan on and off when the proper temperature is reached,

About the 6" Magic Heat Reclaimer for a Wood Stove?

  • Saves money on heating costs
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed for use with all types of heating equipment with inside flue temperatures exceeding 350 degrees, skin temperatures of 250 degrees
  • Thermostatically controlled; factory preset to provide trouble free operation
  • The fan on this unit comes ON at at 150 degrees, OFF at 120 degrees, or run continuously
  • 6' power cord plugs into any standard 110V home outlet.
  • Magic Heat Replacement Parts Available.

This product can be used in the instance of a power outage by removing the back panel that covers the wiring so the wires do not get damaged with the enclosed heat.


  • Unit size 14 3/4" High x 10 3/4" Wide x 14" Deep
  • .31 Amps
  • Fan blows at225 CFM
  • BTU output variable: 8000 minimum/30,000 maximum
  • Mounts 12" to 24" above appliance
  • Built in soot scraper allows user to maximize heat transfer
  • Approved UL for both the US and Canada. (The only UL-listedheat reclaimer on the market)

Product Note: May be used with coal burning stoves as long as there is a natural draft present

Installing a 6" Magic Heat Reclaimer

The 6" Magic Heat Reclaimer is a single piece unit that is quickly and easily installed in-line with new or existing single wall stove pipe of any air-tight stove, furnace, or freestanding fireplace. The Magic Heat Reclaimer should be installed a minimum of twelve inches (max 24") above the stove or above the nonadjustable elbow from a side or rear vented appliance. The clearance required for the Magic Heat Reclaimer is 18" from combustible materials. The 6-foot electrical cord should be plugged into a standard 110V home outlet a must be kept 12" from the stove pipe/stove.

  • Easily installs into single-wall vent pipe (Crimp is on the bottom)
  • Mounts 12" to 24" above appliance
  • Installs easily using basic household tools
  • Clearance to combustibles is 18". The electrical cord must be kept 12" from the stove/stovepipe
  • Magic Heat can only be used with single wall connector pipe.

How Do I Get the Most Heat Out of My Wood Stove?

The most important factors for the safe usage of the 6" Magic Heat Reclaimer are proper operation and regular cleaning, Make sure that the inside flue temperature of your stove is above 350 degrees (skin temperatures of 250 degrees), at a settled down, steady burn rate. If possible, measure the stack draft, the flue gas temperature, and the Carbon Dioxide level of the flue gases at the sample points on your appliance as described in the user manual. Never over-fire your appliance because it can damage your chimney and pose a fire risk, and don't operate the stove at too low a temperature as this can lead to excessive soot and creosote build up. Avoid burning green of soft wood as this too will promote soot and creosote build up and make sure to operate your stove at the suggested level as specified in the U.L. Standard for Safety, U.L. 103. (e.g. for a 6" chimney size the burn rate should be 97,000 BTU/Hr. using 12.1 Lbs./Hr. of wood, or 6.0 Lbs./Hr. of coal. Where a 6" Oak log = 8.8 Lbs./Ft. or 4.5 Lbs./Ft. split.

Check out some of ourlog splitting tools!

How to Clean Magic Heat Reclaimer?

Daily cleaning involves using the Soot Scraper knob to scrape the soot off the heat exchanger tubes several times during the day, In addition to scraping the tubes, burn paper or cardboard every other day to assisting with cleaning the tubes. You may also use a soot remover product during the course of normal operation. Periodically, for example during chimney cleaning time, uninstall the 6" Magic Heat Reclaimer from the flue pipe and manually inspect and clean. Clean with a long handled, stiff bristled brush using soap and water, cleaning solvent, or a commercial soot remover. When finished, coat the tubes with a light coat of oil to prevent rust. For really tough cleaning jobs, you can use ammonia to help. Place the ammonia in a container in a well ventilated area and set the Magic Heat Reclaimer on top of it (covering the outlet) for one to two hours. This should work the creosote loose and make it easier to scrub away. Follow all of the precautions on the ammonia container label and ensure proper ventilation

The 6" Magic Heat Reclaimer is an investment in your wood/coal/oil/gas stove that helps you save money on your heating bill and adds to the warmth and ambiance around your stove. See all of our stove accessories for other great ideas to help you get more out of your investment today!

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California Proposition 65 Warning SymbolWARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including creosotes, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and carbon monoxide, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harmFor more information go to

  • .31 Amps
  • Mounts 12" to 24" above appliance
  • Made in the USA
  • Clearance to combustibles is a minimum of 18". The electrical cord must be kept 12" from the stove/stovepipe. In addition, the Magic Heat can only be used with single wall connector pipe.
  • 225 CFM
  • Approved UL for both the US and Canada.

Product Note: May be used with coal burning stoves as long as there is a natural draft present

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