7'' Chimney Pipe

Why DuraTech - DuraTech is a double wall chimney system that is limited for sales to professional installers only. 2" clearance to combustibles. 1" insulation blanket. 5"-24" Diameters.
Why DuraPlus - DuraPlus is designed for homeowners and do it yourself installers. Triple-wall, all-fuel chimney system. 2" clearance to combustibles. Offered in 6"-8" diameters.
Why DuraPlus HTC - DuraPlus HTC is a double-wall, all-fuel chimney system for use in Canada. 2" Clearance to combustibles. Twist-lock connections. Offered in 6"-8" diameters.
Why SuperPro - SuperPro is designed for the chimney professional that demands the best. Provides superior safety, performance and durability. 1" Solid pack insulation. Offered in 5"-8" diameters.
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We've added some stove pipe in this category for your convenience. Never substitute stove pipe for class A chimney pipe.