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8'' Chimney Pipe

8" DuraVent Class A Chimney Pipe

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Which brand should you choose? The top rated customer pick for new chimney installations is DuraTech chimney pipe by DuraVent. DuraTech has a greater selection of pipe and fittings and is reasonably priced. When adding to an existing chimney always stick with the brand you already have since different types of chimney pipe will not fit together correctly. Read more at Which Chimney Pipe is Best for Me?

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Why DuraTech - DuraTech is a double wall chimney system with a lifetime warranty when installed by a professional. DuraTech features a 2" clearance to combustibles, 1" insulation blanket, and is available in 5"-24" Diameters. For use in the USA and Canada.

Why DuraPlus - DuraPlus is designed for homeowners and do it yourself installers and carries a lifetime warranty. Triple-wall construction makes this chimney pipe safer and more forgiving than double wall pipe. DuraPlus is an all-fuel chimney system with 2" clearance to combustibles and is offered in 6"-8" diameters. For use in the USA only.

We've added some stove pipe in this category for your convenience. Never substitute stove pipe for class A chimney pipe.

Why DuraPlus HTC - DuraPlus HTC is a double-wall, all-fuel chimney system for use in Canada and carries a lifetime warranty when installed by a professional. Features include a 2" Clearance to combustibles, twist-lock connections, and is available in 6"-8" diameters. For use in Canada only.

Why Selkirk - Selkirk, formerly known as MetalBest, is an all-fuel double wall chimney designed for maximum safety and performance and carries a limited lifetime warranty. Features include a solid 1" pack of insulation, 2" of airspace clearance to combustibles, and it's offered in 5"-8" diameters.

Why SuperPro - SuperPro is a double wall chimney system designed for the chimney professional that demands the best. Provides superior safety, performance and durability. 1" Solid pack insulation. Offered in 5"-8" diameters.

Why Superior - Superior is a double-wall chimney system that is specifically for use with Superior fireplaces only. Stainless steel and galvanized steel build. Snap-lock design. Offered in 8" and 12" diameters.

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