Benefits of Gas Patio Heaters

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Benefits of a Gas Patio Heater

Gas patio heaters use radiant heat to warm outdoor areas creating a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere that can be enjoyed long after the outdoor season has passed. Outdoor gas heaters offer endless benefits that allow you to spend more time in the cozy oasis that you've spend so much time creating and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to fit your outdoor heating needs.

Read all about the superior gas patio heater features and discover how the benefits of an outdoor gas heater can benefit you and your outdoor lifestyle.

Gas patio heaters are convenient

Both natural gas and liquid propane patio heaters are easy and convenient outdoor heating options to warm your outdoor area. Natural gas patio heaters can be directly hooked up to your home's natural gas line so refueling is never an issue. Liquid propane gas patio heaters are effective outdoor heaters using standard 20 pound liquid propane tanks for operation. Liquid propane tanks are readily available and stored in portable tanks.

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Outdoor gas heaters are inexpensive

Outdoor gas heaters are an affordable outdoor heating option to warm your patio. Based on a gas patio heater that has a 40,000 BTU range the cost of operation is as follows:

  • Natural gas - On average, natural gas patio heaters will cost about $.476 per hour to heat your outdoor area.

  • Liquid propane - On average, liquid propane gas patio heaters will cost about $1.60 per hour to heat your outdoor area. This is based on the operation of the outdoor gas heater and the average cost of filling a standard 20 pound propane cylinder which is about $16 and will provide up to 10 hours of heat.

Gas patio heaters are environmentally friendly

Both natural gas and liquid propane are clean burning, safe fossil fuels that will not harm the environment or pollute the air we breathe. Liquid propane is nontoxic, colorless, and virtually odorless. As with natural gas, an identifying odor is added so the gas can be readily detected.  Both fuel types offer instant heat and ambiance when used with outdoor gas heaters.

Gas patio heaters are effective and efficient

Although the price of natural gas and liquid propane will vary, the efficiency of outdoor gas heater will not. Both types of gas patio heaters are designed to burn with minimal emissions and at optimum efficiency levels making them a wise outdoor heating alternative that runs undoubtedly well. Gas patio heaters offer a constant, steady fuel stream meaning that the burn will also be steady and easily controlled by the mechanisms on the heater. Regardless of the size and shape of the outdoor gas heater, the fuel will be constantly delivered through the plumbing and controlled by the safety valves on board.

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An outdoor as heater offers endless design possibilities

Gas patio heaters are suitable for a variety of settings including bars, restaurants in multiple areas around your home like patios, pool area, open gazebos, and more. Propane gas patio heaters are available in an array of styles including portable and table top models, hanging models, wall and ceiling mounts, and free-standing models. Natural gas patio heaters are a little more permanent unless you plan ahead and install multiple outlets on your home's natural gas line. They are also available in multiple styles including free-standing models, in-ground models, wall mounts and hanging models.

Gas patio heaters are guaranteed to improve the quality of outdoor life. They are effective heat sources that transform outdoor areas into comfortable oases where relaxation and memories happen. Furnish your outdoor area with an outdoor gas heater and experience all of the benefits that make them the best choice to heat your patio, pool side or any other outdoor area.