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Jun 16th 2020

Tips for Shading your Events with a Canopy or Shade Sail

Whether you are looking for protection from scorching sun or to be able to enjoy your patio even in the rain there is a solution with various canopy styles.

How To Choose The Perfect Canopy Size For Your Needs or Event

You will want to take into consideration the size of the space, how many people will need to be accommodated, and also what type of event you will be using the canopy for. Allow enough room for seating, staff and guests to move about under the canopy.

The Many Benefits of Portable Carports

Interested in building a garage for extra storage but just can not afford it? Portable car ports are a great option for extra storage around your property.

What to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Canopy Frame For You

Choosing the perfect frame type is crucial when purchasing a canopy.

Choosing Your Canopy Cover Is Not A "One Size Fits All" Scenario

You will need to consider the durability, water resistance, UV protection, and fire resistance of the canopy cover material.

Light Weight Canopies vs Heavy Duty Canopies - Learn the Differences

The differences are not only in the frame strength and thickness but also in the covers strength and thickness as well. Lightweight canopies are ideal for occasional use for a day or two at a time. While Heavy duty canopies can with stand the element and can stay erected for a long period of time.

Choose From The Many Different Canopy and Shelter Types To Best Suit Your Needs

To ensure you are getting the right canopy for your needs you will want to take the type of event, number of occupants, terrain where the canopy will be placed, and also the type of protection that will be needed all into consideration.

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