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Lightweight and portable enough to be on every sweep's service truck, the Chamber Coat Smoke Chamber Restoration System also:

  • Sticks Like Crazy! Chamber Coat bonds mechanically (like Velcro) and chemically (like glue) so there is a greater chance the material will stay where you put it without rolling or sliding off

  • No Shinkage Cracks! Because of Chamber Coats' unique chemistry, you won't get shinkage cracks after it has dried (cured).
  • Product Details

    Chamber Coat Smoke Chamber Restoration System is the next generation of smoke chamber repair products. Two Years were spent in developing and perfecting this high performance refractory coating. Chamber Coat is designed for professional installation to restore, streamline, strengthen and insulate masonry fireplace smoke chambers. It is used to smooth jagged edges, corbels and reshape fireplace smoke chambers for improved safety and performance. Properly installed, Chamber Coat meets all major code (IRC & NFPA 211) requirements for parging and smoothing of corbelled smoke chamber walls in residential fireplaces. This is a non-water soluble product and meets ASTM C199 medium-duty (2550F).

    It is recommended that you contact local building code or fire officials about restrictions and inspections that may be required in your area.

    Additional Information

    • 5 Gallon Bucket
    • Application Method: Trowel-on
    • Clean-up: Water
    • Code Compliant
    • Sticks like crazy
    • Stays workable
    • No shrinkage cracks
    Additional Information

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    20 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty - SaverSystems warrants that Chamber Coat will remain intact for 20 years from the date of application if applied according to label instructions and if minimum application requirements are met.

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