Round Chimney Brushes

How to Choose a Chimney Brush:

  • First choose the right size brush. The inner diameter of your chimney flue should match the brush size.
  • Wire or Poly? Chimney pipe manufacturers recommend the use of Poly brushes (plastic bristles) to reduce scratching and wearing of the inside of a metal chimney.
  • Now choose a type of brush that fits your needs and budget.
    • Light-Duty - Infrequent use, easier to get down chimneys with heavy creosote build-up or bends in the chimney, requires more work.
    • Medium-Duty - Easier to get the brush down the chimney with thick creosote deposits or for chimneys with bends than heavy-duty brushes, cleans easier than light duty.
    • Heavy-Duty - Heavy duty brush bristles and about 4 times as many as light-duty brushes. Requires less work than medium-or light-duty brushes, lasts longer.
    • Torque Lock Connector - Provides a fast, positive locking connection to the TLC rods. More expensive but when you're on the roof the connections become more important plus the brush won't accidentally unscrew.
    • Flat Wire - Best choice when heavy scraping is needed. Glaze creosote is very difficult to get off. Use Stage Three Creosote Remover and a flat wire brush.
Learn how to clean your chimney and how to choose a Chimney Brush by clicking the provided links.