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Chimney Brushes & Accessories

Chimney Sweep Brushes and Accessories

The key to maintaining a fireplace is to ensure that you routinely clean the fireplace and the venting system. Whether you have a masonry fireplace, a factory built fireplace or a modified system with a flexible chimney liner, it is important to clean the chimney and fireplace on a regular basis. Your chimney system should be cleaned at least twice a year. Once before burn season and once after. However, if you burn a lot of fires, or use wood that is not properly seasoned, then cleaning more frequently may be required.

Chimney Sweep Brush Kits are the most trusted of cleaning tools!

The number one tool that all chimney sweeps rely on most is a good set of Chimney Brushes. When you start to look at the abundance of choices when it comes to Chimney Brushes it may seem a little overwhelming, but you just need to know a couple of things in order to choose the right Chimney Brush for your project.

Prevent Chimney Fires by cleaning the fireplace and flue with a proper sweeping brush and rod kits

Not cleaning your chimney venting system could have serious and dangerous consequences. Over time untreated fireplace systems can result in a build up of creosote. Creosote is a dangerous byproduct that comes from burning wood and it stays in your chimney until it is manually removed. IT will not dissolve or go away on its own. In fact when left untreated it actually goes through three stages of chemical transformation, with each stage getting more and more combustible.

During Stage 1 creosote begins as a loose, flaky ash like deposit that can easily be brushed away with a proper sized chimney brush. If left untreated it will enter stage 2 where it begins to turn into a tar like substance that can stick to the walls of your chimney and can be extremely difficult to remove. Removal of stage 2 creosote often requires specialized brushes and scrapers. Sometimes also needing to use products such as creosote remover. If still left untreated creosote will then enter Stage 3. During this stage the creosote begins to harden and is much harder to remove. At this stage it becomes extremely combustible and when heated up will cause a candlewax type substance to drip into other parts of the chimney and fireplace. 

This is why it is so important to properly clean and maintain your chimney system. A chimney fire can not only cause property damage it can also spread to other parts of the home and injure you or your family members.

What are chimney brushes?

Chimney brushes are tools that can be used to sweep the inside of chimney walls to help remove ash, buildup and stage one creosote. They are usually attached to rods that help the user reach down into the depths of the chimney. This is a task that can be completed by a homeowner or you can call a Professional Chimney Sweep to perform the maintenance as well.

How do I choose the correct Chimney Brush?

In order to choose the proper chimney brush for your home you need to determine three things. First you need to know the material your chimney is made of. Is it a Masonry chimney, is it a metal chimney or is it a chimney liner? Then you need to measure the size of the venting and finally you need to know the length of the venting system from the top of the fireplace all the way to the top of the pipe coming out of the roof.

If you have a Masonry Chimney then you are going to need to use a wire chimney brush. The wire brush will have bristles made of metal that will help to scape the ash, residue and creosote off of the walls of the masonry chimney. 

If you have a Chimney Liner or a Metal venting chimney then you will want to use nylon brushes. The nylon bristles will not scratch up the metal chimney. If you use a wire brush on the metal venting then it will leave scratches in the metal, which will create spots for creosote to form.

What size brush do I need to clean my chimney?

When you measure your chimney it will either be rectangle shaped or round. If it is rectangle you will want to measure the length and width of the rectangle and find a brush that is this exact size. If you have a round pipe, then you will want to measure the inside diameter of the pipe and buy a chimney brush that is the same size as the diameter of the pipe. So if you have a 6 inch diameter pipe you will want a 6 inch chimney brush. For the rectangle brushes you may not be able to find your exact size. If this is the case then you will want to buy a brush that is slightly larger than your dimensions and cut it down to size.

What is the best way to brush a chimney? What is the best way to clean a wood chimney?

You will want to make sure you have the proper size chimney brush and then you will want to place drop cloths around the fireplace opening within the home to help minimize the mess. Then you will want to climb to the roof, remove the chimney cap and use the brush from the top down, making sure to connect with all the sides of the chimney. Sometimes you may need to clean from the bottom up, going through the fireplace. Then it is a good idea to vacuum or sweep up the debris that has been collected in the fireplace.

If you have reservations about performing the maintenance yourself, it is recommended to hire a professional chimney sweep to help with cleaning. These professionals can also inspect your fireplace to make sure everything is working properly and that there is no damage. 

Where to buy chimney brushes, fireplace cleaning tools, flue cleaners and more?

We carry a large selection of chimney brushes in a variety of sizes and shapes. We have sizes perfect for small openings and large ones as well. We are sure to have an option for every specific venting system. Cleaning your chimney venting system with a chimney brush will not only keep the venting system clean and free of creosote deposits, it will also keep your heating appliance operating safely and efficiently. We also carry nylon flexible rods to help get those brushes down into the chimney.

Chimney Brushes are designed to keep your chimney flue free from creosote buildup and safe from chimney fires. A chimney fire can ruin a chimney; or worse, catch your home on fire! Regular cleaning with an inexpensive chimney brush can eliminate the worry of chimney fires. Liquid or powdered creosote remover can also reduce dangerous creosote deposits making it easier to clean your chimney. Rutland also offers creosote remover sticks that can be tossed into your fire and used to clean the chimney. We also carry a line of chimney cleaning supplies and products to help make the job easier. 

We even have the ability to order custom size chimney brushes.

Custom Size Brushes are available upon request.  Call 1-877-734-2458 for a quote.

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