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Chimney Pipe Learning Center

Chimney Pipe Learning Center

Jun 22nd 2020

Your Source for Educational and Technical Chimney Pipe Resources

At NorthlineExpress we know that trying to figure out your chimney system, or even what type of chimney system that you need, can prove to be a difficult task. That's why we have created our chimney pipe learning center in an effort to simplify things for you. We have a variety of articles and videos covering a range of topics from choosing your chimney to how to install your chimney. We want to help you become more familiar with chimney pipe and we understand that fireplaces and stoves have varying venting requirements, involving more than just the kind of pipe you need. Our video and article resources listed below contain specific information regarding clearances and offsets that must be followed for safe and proper installation and more.

Chimney Pipe Videos

Before you start

your chimney installation watch this video to learn what you will need to consider and look out for when placing your chimney.

Check our our article on Pre Purchase Inspection for Wood Stove and Chimney Pipe Installation here!

DuraTech Installation

This video will walk you through installing a double wall, class A chimney in a single story home with an attic.

Check out our Article on How to install Duratech chimney pipe here!

DuraPlus Installation

This video will walk you through installing a Triple wall, class A chimney in a single story home with an attic.

Check out our Article on How to install DuraPlus Chimney pipe here!

Build an attic insulation shield

Joe shows you a situation where you would not be able to use an attic insulation shield and how to frame in your chimney pipe.

Check out our Article on How to Build an Attic Insulation Shield or Chase For Your Chimney Pipe here!

Figuring a Roofs Pitch

is made easy in this video. Joe shows you how to easily & accurately figure out the pitch of your roof.

Check out our Article on How to Measure Roof Pitch here!

DuraVent Snow Splitter

This video shows you how you can protect your chimney from sliding snow and ice on your roof.

Check out our Article on How to Install a DuraVent Snow Splitter here!

DuraVent Extended Roof Bracket

Joe shows you how to install the extended roof bracket and instantly provide extra chimney stability.

Check out our Article on How to Install a Extended Roof Bracket here!

Flashing Installation

Joe shows you how to install your chimney flashing and make sure that you are properly sealing your roof.

Check out our Article on How to Install a Flashing here!

Chimney Pipe Articles

Which Chimney Pipe is Best for Me?

This article introduces you to the top brands of chimney pipe and the differences between them.Use this article to guide you to the right chimney pipe choice for your specific situation.

Chimney Systems - Getting Started

This article is a great reference for those installing a chimney, repairing a chimney, or just trying to learn about chimney systems.

Planning Your Chimney Pipe Installation

A general guideline to assist in the layout and selection of the chimney components needed for your installation.

Tips for Proper Chimney Pipe Venting

Tips to be sure that your home is properly vented, ensuring year-round energy savings while protecting your home against moisture damage.

How to Measure Roof Pitch

Not quite sure what your roof pitch is? Let us help! Follow the tips in this article to easily & accurately figure out the pitch of your roof.

Chimney Safety Tips

Unsafe chimney operation has often been the culprit of house and chimney fires. Use this guide to determine if you don't have a safely operating chimney, before it's too late!

How to Install DuraTech Chimney Systems

This article will list and explain all necessary chimney pipe components for the different types of installation. Also view step by step installation instructions.

Chimney Pipe FAQ's

Find the answers to all your chimney pipe questions.

Chimney Installation Types

Learn about through the roof installations and through the wall installations. Also read what you should consider for each type of chimney installation.

DuraPlus Chimney Systems

This article covers the specifications of DuraPlus triple wall chimney pipe.

DuraPlus HTC Chimney Systems

Get the specifications for DuraPlus HTC an all-fuel chimney system designed specifically for use in Canada.

Why Buy From NorthlineExpress?

Read more about how we make your satisfaction our responsibility.

Submit a Sketch, Get a Quote.

Still do not know where to start? No worries, that is what our chimney pipe experts are here for. If you submit a sketch of your installation and answer a few questions our experts will design your chimney system for you and send you a quote. Get started by choosing one of the layouts below.

Single Story

Choose this layout if your home has only one floor, a flat ceiling, and an attic space.

Single Story

Multi Story

Choose this layout if you have 2 or more floors with flat ceilings.

Multi Story

Cathedral Ceiling

Choose this layout if you have a single story with cathedral ceilings .

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