Lifetime Chimney Liner

Lifetime Chimney Liners

Are looking to line your masonry chimney? Unsure if you need to line or reline your existing chimney? Your chimney plays a vital role in the safe use of your fireplace, wood-burning stove, gas fireplaces, gas-fired furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and wall or space heating installations.

Chimney Liners are not only needed with new appliance installations though. Many older homes have unlined brick chimneys because they were built during a period of time when most building codes didn't require them. Today, most building and fire codes require chimney liners, even if you have a brick chimney. Many homeowners are surprised to hear that poorly maintained flues and chimneys are one of the common causes for home fires. When it comes to your wood or gas-burning appliances, there are multiple important parts that coincide to keep your home safe, including the chimney liner. Another reason you may need to line your chimney is because it could be defective due to age and use. Combustion gases combined with rain will erode masonry joints of the brick and stone.