ChimneyRx Brushable Masonry Fireplace Crown Repair - 1 Gallon

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Your prescription for chimney restoration with do it yourself convenience!

  • Protect & preserve
  • Remove unsightly stains
  • Repair leaking chimneys
  • Restore damage & deterioration
  • Product Details

    ChimneyRx Brushable Crown Repair is a fast setting elastomeric coating that forms a flexible waterproof membrane to repair and protect chimney crowns against water intrusion. ChimneyRx Brushable Crown Repair is easily applied with a 3" or 4" paint brush and quickly starts working to prevent cracking and deterioration of the crown.

    ChimneyRx Brushable Crown Repair should be used wherever a long lasting exterior waterproof membrane is needed. This includes masonry chimney crowns, chimney corbels, and tops of masonry or parapet walls. Another use is for masonry window sills where bricks are laid in a soldier pattern at the base of the window.

    ChimneyRx Brushable Crown Repair is a water based product that offers quick dry technology and a great coverage rate. It cures in just 2-4 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity, and covers approximately 40 square feet per gallon. ChimneyRx Brushable Crown Repair is a solvent-free product so it will not harm the environment and requires no mixing or special bonding agents.

    • Ready to Use - No Mixing
    • Easy Brush Application
    • Cures in 2 - 4 Hours
    • Soap and Water Clean-Up

    Additional Information

    • 1 Gallon
    • Covers 40 ft.
    • Takes 2-4 hours to dry
    • Easily cleans up with soap and water
    • 45° Minimum application temperature
    • Easily applied with a 3" or a 4" paint brush
    Additional Information

    Container Size

    Coverage Rate

    Application Method

    Application Temperature

    Dry Time

    Clean Up

    1 Gallon

    40 sq. ft


    45? F Minimum

    2-4 Hours

    Soap and Water


    *Store Brushable Crown Repair above 32? F

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