Compare Mosquito Magnet Models

Mosquito Magnet has achieved quite a few noteworthy pioneering accomplishments in the innovative design of Mosquito Magnet traps. These Mosquito Magnet milestones include the design of the first carbon dioxide-based biting insect trap, and the first propane-powered mosquito traps. Each mosquito Magnet model has over 15 patents wrapped up its technologies and each trap is also scientifically proven to effectively reduce mosquitoes and other biting insects. Although all Mosquito Magnet models offer an effective, long-term method of mosquito control, the three models do have some differences and should be compared before determining which Mosquito Magnet trap is best for you.

What are the different Mosquito Magnet models?

Mosquito Magnet Patriot Mosquito Magnet Patriot

The Mosquito Magnet Patriot utilizes a 50-foot 12-volt power cord for operation. The power cord is very thin and can be buried with the included lawn clips. The Patriot also features a sled base for added stability.

Mosquito Magnet Independence Mosquito Magnet Independence

The Mosquito Magnet Independence is a cordless unit that uses 4 included "C" batteries for operation. The Independence also features a wheeled base for easy maneuverability.

Mosquito Magnet Executive
Mosquito Magnet Executive

The Mosquito Magnet Executive is a cordless mosquito trap that utilizes a remote battery charger for operation. The Mosquito Magnet Executive offers enhanced diagnostics with 4 fuel saving modes that allow up to 30 days of use out of a single 20lb propane tank. This advanced mosquito trap learns day and night cycles, has a cold temperature indicator and an auto start up and stop option. The Executive mosquito trap also features a wheeled base for easy maneuverability.

Mosquito Magnet Comparison Chart

mosquito magnet patriot

Mosquito Magnet Patriot

mosquito magnet independence

Mosquito Magnet Independence

mosquito magnet executive

Mosquito Magnet Executive

"Smart" technology     X
Rechargeable custom battery     X
Runs on 4 "C" batteries   X  
50 Foot power cord X    
Cordless   X X
Patented CounterFlow Technology X X X
Patented catalytic converter X X X
Over 15 patents & 2 decades of research X X X
Dedicated, U.S. based call center X X X
360 Degree customer support X X X
Covers 1 acre X X X
Manufacturer's 1 year limited warranty X X X
Requires 20 lb. propane tank X X X
Uses octenol X X X
Lurex compatible X X X
Trap cover available X X X
Self contained bug net X X X
Wheeled base   X X
Sled base X    
Free placement DVD X X X
24 Hour operation X X X
Trap cover available X X X
Price range $300-$320 $550-$580 $700-$720

Unique to All Mosquito Magnet Models

Mosquito Magnet Counterflow Technology

Patented CounterFlow Technology

Mosquito Magnet Mosquito Traps use patented CounterFlow Technology to trap and kill mosquitoes. Mosquito trap reviews have proven this innovative technology to work in 3 different ways to prevent mosquito bites and gain mosquito control over your property. First, the Mosquito Magnet uses this Patented CounterFlow Technology to lure mosquitoes to the trap by releasing a continuous stream of carbon dioxide and scientifically proven attractant to draw mosquitoes to the trap. Once mosquitoes are lured to the trap by CO2 emissions, the mosquito-magnet uses CounterFlow Technology to vacuum the mosquitoes into a net inside of the trap where they will dehydrate and die.

By operating 24/7, the Mosquito Magnet traps use Patented CounterFlow Technology to offer round the clock protection against mosquitoes while controlling the mosquito population. Mosquito Magnet traps have been scientifically proven to interrupt mosquito breeding cycles and virtually eliminate future mosquito nuisances. Although Mosquito Magnet traps will start working immediately, breeding cycles can take up to 4 weeks to be interrupted and you can completely get rid of mosquitoes.

Mosquito Magnet attractants for all models

All Mosquito Magnet models use the same attractants to get rid of mosquitoes. The Patriot, Executive, and Independence all use a catalytic combustion process to create moisture and warm CO2. When released from the trap, these emissions act as attractants that simulate human and animal-like features that effectively lure mosquitoes to the mosquito killer.

  • octenol Octenol

    All Mosquito Magnet models use octenol to attract most types of mosquitoes, midges, black flies, and other biting insects. When mixed with carbon dioxide, octenol is an extremely affective mosquito trap attractant.

  • lurex Lurex
    All Mosquito Magnet traps are Lurex compatible. When used in Mosquito Magnet mosquito traps, Lurex targets hard to catch, aggressive day biting insects like the Asian Tiger Mosquito.

Other Features Unique to all models
  • Cover up to 1 acre
  • Self-contained bug bags
  • Simple, one-button start
  • Powerful fan for vacuuming insects
  • Silent, odorless, 24 hour protection
  • Catalytic Technology for optimum CO2 creation

Each Mosquito Magnet trap model has been scientifically proven to gain mosquito control and offer long-term protection against mosquito infestations.  Join the thousands of backyard enthusiasts who have trusted the Mosquito Magnet to rid their property of disease carrying mosquitoes and enjoy your outdoor area insect free!