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The Cougar Quiet Ash Vac is similar to the Cheetah Ash Vac but a bit quieter. It can suck up warm and cold ashes! Using a fire-resistant hose and a specially designed filtering system for ash, the Ash Vac solves the problem of removing ash from wood burning stoves and fireplaces safely.

  • 3Pc. Accessory Kit Included

Product Details

Every component of the Cougar AshVac is designed for safety. The 6-gallon fireproof canister, with 3-gallon capacity, is made of rolled steel. The 5-foot hose and nozzle are made of metal. The primary filter is fire-resistant up to 1,000°F. Other components are fire-resistant thermoplastic. If the hose gets too hot to hold with bare hands, stop vacuuming because the ashes are too hot. Gloves are not the answer. Instead, wait until the ashes cool more, and/or be sure to rest the nozzle on the firebrick, or base, so you are removing fine ash from the bottom of the pile '' not large chunks of hot embers.

The Cougar uses a filter system consisting of two filters. The first filter is flame retardant for precautionary reasons. The second filter traps sub-micron particles (ash) and has a special snap spring assembly allowing for easier cleaning. The features a 5' flame-resistant hose, 3-gallon capacity container and a powerful 6-amp motor. Comes with a one year warranty and includes one set of filters. This unit is 20" high, has a 1-1/4" diameter hose opening, and holds up to 3 gallons of ash.

The Cougar AshVac was designed for safe, clean and convenient cleaning of ash out of fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves and bio fuel (corn and wheat) stoves, unlike a house hold vacuum or shop vac. Hot embers can stay alive for days inside a paper filter bag, surrounded by flammable household debris. Besides creating a VERY DANGEROUS situation for a delayed fire; your house hold vacuum is not designed to capure extremely fine particles like ash. Infact; the exhaust port of your vacuum will spew the smallest particles throughout your house leving your home with a fine gray dust coating. Also included is a 3pc. accessory kit with a brush, crevice tool, and pellet stove hose.

Product Note: This vacuum is meant for cool and warm ashes only; it cannot be used to pick up embers. Doing so will result in damage to the unit.

Additional Information

  • 3Pc. Accessory Kit Included
  • Color: Winter Scene (White and Blues)
  • Motor: Powerful 6 Amp motor
  • 1 horsepower
  • Size: 20" high, has a 1-1/4" diameter hose opening
  • Capacity: 3 Gallon
  • Construction materials: Steel
Additional Information

What you can safely vacuum

It is strongly advised that you always allow enough time for all embers to completely die and cool off. Use these guidelines to get a feel for how fire resistant our fabric filters are. Small ash partticles like a "firefly" are unlikely to burn a hole in the filter. A "firefly" should be thought of as a tiny spark that floats up out of a fireplace, and it glows for no longer than a firefly '' about a second before it burns out.

Hot glowing embers could potentially burn a hole in the filter. Hot glowing embers are a piece or chunk of partially burned fuel (wood or pellet) that has a red hot glowing ember attached, much like a cigarette. These carry enough fuel with them, that, if lodged against the filter, with swirling air, could heat up and damage the filter.

We do recommend changing the Ash Vacuum filters once a season. They cannot be washed because they have been treated with a Teflon finish. If you wash them they will get sticky. You can clean the filters after each use by removing the rod cover and shaking the shaker basket by grasping the metal rod sticking up out of the lid from side to side. This is just done if you are losing suction but your canister is not full of ash yet.

Owner's Manual

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Model MU405-WSS
Made In USA
Finish Winter Scene
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Actual Weight (lbs) 15.34
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