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  • Helps slow dangerous creosote build up
  • Extend time between cleanings

Product Details

Creosote Control Firebricks - If you are burning wood then your chimney flue may be building up harmful deposits of soot and creosote, the major causes of chimney fires. Each time you burn wood creosote is being formed. Over time, the creosote builds up on the flue wall. The Creosote Control Firebricks are made from 100% all natural wood. Each tightly compressed firebrick contains special chemicals that help slow build up; helping to prevent chimney fires and extending the time between cleanings.

This firebrick contains no waxes or oils so they are safe to burn in any wood burning appliance. Each box contains four firebricks for ease of use. The frequency of your fires, the type of wood (hard versus soft) and whether the wood is green or seasoned will determine the frequency with which each piece should be used.

To use the Creosote Control Firebricks, start with a clean flue. If you are unsure of the condition of your flue, you should have it inspected and cleaned by a certified chimney sweep. After the morning or evening warm-up burn, load the firebox with cord wood and add one Creosote Control Firebrick. Burn as usual, a slow burn allows for a slow release of the chemical additives needed to control creosote buildup.

Made In The USA

Additional Information

  • Each firebrick contains chemicals that help slow build up
  • Prevent chimney fires
  • Extend time between cleanings
  • 100% all natural wood
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Brands HY-C
Model ESF-1004-8
Made In USA
Product Type Creosote Remover
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