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Chimney Creosote Removers

In our fireplace maintenance items, we've included a large selection of creosote removal products to get rid of creosote build up at every stage of progression; from the beginning stages to the most advanced and dangerous stages. Our creosote removers are available in an assortment of products including items like Toss-in Creosote Remover and Anti-Creo-Soot Remover that are designed to clear your firebox and chimney of creosote while the fire is burning. We also carry a selection of powders and liquids that effectively remove creosote.

Northline Express is dedicated to educating our customers on how to maintain their chimney, fireplaces and woodstoves. Creosote is a dangerous substance when dealing with chimney maintenance as it is the leading cause of chimney fires. The great news is that chimney fires can be prevented! You can easily prevent creosote in chimneys during burning and maintenance by using products that dissolve creosote.  

What causes creosote? 

Creosote is caused by gasses building up in your chimney when the chimney flue is at 250 degrees or less. Unseasoned or soft wood can also cause creosote build up. Watch our video and read more about Dangers of Creosote Build Up.

What dissolves creosote? 

Creosote is dissolved by products like ACS (Anti-Creo-Soot). Anti-Creo-Soot Remover will turn the hard glazed creosote into a powder. ACS is our #1 Creosote remover product and very easy to apply! Just spray ACS in your fireplace or woodstove every time you light a fire to prevent and eliminate creosote build it. We offer a variety of products and methods to help manage creosote build up,  you can read more about them in our blog post, How to Prevent Fires by Managing Creosote Build Up. ACS can be bought in a quart or a gallon, we offer multiple discounts throughout the burning season to insure you get the best deal on our #1 fireplace maintenance product! 

What to know more about ACS? Read and see how it works - Click Here to Learn More

We also have products that making maintaining the creosote in your chimney even easier! Try our Toss-In Creosote Remover from one of the most trusted brands in the industry, Rutland. This toss-in creosote remover only needs to be applied twice a week for the first month and then once a week after that. We also offer quantity discounts on these creosote removers, so you can buy all that you need for the entire burning season! 

Another amazing creosote remover is the Kwik-Shot Soot Stopper. Use this in free burining fireplaces and stoves. This product also makes colorful flames when tossed in!

How to stop a Chimney Fire

Besides cleaning your chimney and maintaining creosote build up with creosote remover, you can secure extra protection incase there is a fire by adding a ChimFex Fire Suppressant to your hearth. This product works just like a flare, toss it into the fire and it will suppress the fire in 22 seconds! 

Having this fire suppressant will save your home in the event of a chimney fire and it has saved our customer's homes time and time again! This is a minimal investment to protect your family and your belongings! See what our customer, Ron P., had to say about his experience with a chimney fire: 

"Used chimfex last year when I got a chimney fire. Had shut the stove down totally but was still raging out of control. I threw a chimfex in the stove and closed the door and within seconds the fire died down. I will always keep one of these handy. It works."

Another Customer, David, had not one but several chimney fires! David said, "I have had several occasions to use this product to extinguish a chimney fire - when used as directed, this lives up to its claims. Keep several on hand - it is worth it."

How to Clean Brick in a Fireplace

If you have soot on your fireplace brick, we also have a product to help clean that as well! Shop our Soot Eraser to clean the smoke from your fireplace brick and walls. 

Shop Creosote Removers on Northline Express and visit the Chimney Insitute of America to learn more about Chimney Safety