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Simpson DirectVent GS to DirectVent Pro Conversion Chart

Jun 17th 2020

DirectVent GS Number DirectVent Pro Number Item Description
971 46DVA-KHA Horizontal Termination Kit A
0971P 46DVA-KHC Horizontal Termination Kit C
0923GK 46DVA-GK Chimney Liner Termination Kit
934 46DVA-KMC Masonry Chimney Conversion Kit
935 46DVA-KCT Masonry Chimney Conversion Kit
931 46DVA-KCA Chimney Conversion Kit A
932 46DVA-KCB Chimney Conversion Kit B
933 46DVA-KCC Chimney Conversion Kit C
908 46DVA-06 6" Pipe Length (galvanized)
0908B 46DVA-06B 6" Pipe Length (black)
907 46DVA-09 9" Pipe Length (galvanized)
0907B 46DVA-09B 9" Pipe Length (black)
906 46DVA-12 12" Pipe Length (galvanized)
0906B 46DVA-12B 12" Pipe Length (black)
904 46DVA-24 24" Pipe Length (galvanized)
0904B 46DVA-24B 24" Pipe Length (black)
903 46DVA-36 36" Pipe Length (galvanized)
0903B 46DVA-36B 36" Pipe Length (black)
902 46DVA-48 48" Pipe Length (galvanized)
0902B 46DVA-48B 48" Pipe Length (black)
961 46DVA-E30 30 degree Non-Swivel Elbow (galvanized)
945 46DVA-E45 45 degree Elbow (galvanized)
0945B 46DVA-E45B 45 degree Elbow (black)
960 46DVA-E60 60 degree Non-Swivel Elbow (galvanized)
990 46DVA-E90 90 degree Elbow (galvanized)
0990B 46DVA-E90B 90 degree Elbow (black)
989 46DVA-ES Elbow Strap
940 46DVA-DC Round Ceiling Support/Wall Thimble Cover
941 46DVA-CS Cathedral Ceiling Support Box
942 46DVA-WT Wall Thimble
947 46DVA-WFS Wall Firestop
950 46DVA-VSS Vinyl Siding Standoff
963 46DVA-FS Ceiling Firestop
988 46DVA-WS Wall Strap
929 46DVA-RD Restrictor Disk
943 46DVA-F6 Adjustable Roof Flashing 0/12 - 6/12
0943S 46DVA-F12 Steep Roof Flashing 7/12 - 12/12
0943F 46DVA-FF Flat Roof Flashing
953 46DVA-SC Storm Collar
985 46DVA-HC Square Horizontal Termination Cap (aluminum)
0985SS 46DVA-HC-S Square Horizontal Termination Cap (SS)
0985CU 46DVA-HC-C Square Horizontal Termination Cap (Copper)
982 46DVA-SNK14 Snorkel Termination Cap 14"
981 46DVA-SNK36 Snorkel Termination Cap 36"
0984SG 46DVA-WG Horizontal Windguard
991 46DVA-VCH High-Wind Termination Cap
980 46DVA-VC Low-Profile Termination Cap (aluminum)
930 46DVA-VCE Extended Vertical Termination Cap
0923GCL 46DVA-GCL Standard Appliance Connector
0923TCL 46DVA-TCL Travis Industries Appliance Connector
0923VCL 46DVA-VCL Vermont Castings Appliance Connector
2768 46DVA-ADP Appliance Adapter
0923F 46DVA-ADF Co-Linear Flex Connectors
1208 58DVA-06 6" Pipe Length (galvanized)
1208B 58DVA-06B 6" Pipe Length (black)
1207 58DVA-09 9" Pipe Length (galvanized)
1207B 58DVA-09B 9" Pipe Length (black)
1206 58DVA-12 12" Pipe Length (galvanized)
1206B 58DVA-12B 12" Pipe Length (black)
1204 58DVA-24 24" Pipe Length (galvanized)
1204B 58DVA-24B 24" Pipe Length (black)
1203 58DVA-36 36" Pipe Length (galvanized)
1203B 58DVA-36B 36" Pipe Length (black)
1202 58DVA-48 48" Pipe Length (galvanized)
1202B 58DVA-48B 48" Pipe Length (black)
1245 58DVA-E45 45 degree Elbow (galvanized)
1245B 58DVA-E45B 45 degree Elbow (black)
1290 58DVA-E90 90 degree Elbow (galvanized)
1290B 58DVA-E90B 90 degree Elbow (black)
1289 58DVA-ES Elbow Strap
1240 58DVA-DC Round Ceiling Support/Wall Thimble Cover
1241 58DVA-CS Cathedral Ceiling Support Box
1247 58DVA-WT Wall Thimble
1242 58DVA-WFS Wall Firestop
1250 58DVA-VSS Vinyl Siding Standoff
1263 58DVA-FS Ceiling Firestop
1288 58DVA-WS Wall Strap
1229 58DVA-RD Restrictor Disk
1243 58DVA-F6 Adjustable Roof Flashing 0/12 - 6/12
1243S 58DVA-F12 Steep Roof Flashing 7/12 - 12/12
1243F 58DVA-FF Flat Roof Flashing
1253 58DVA-SC Storm Collar
1282 58DVA-SNK14 Snorkel Termination Cap 14"
1281 58DVA-SNK36 Snorkel Termination Cap 36"
1291 58DVA-VCH High-Wind Termination Cap
1280 58DVA-VC Low-Profile Termination Cap (aluminum)
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