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DirectVent Pro Common Installations

DirectVent Pro Common Installations

Jun 9th 2020

DirectVent Pro is a unitized, coaxial venting system designed for use with direct vent gas or propane stoves, heaters, and fireplaces. Stunning design and Engineered Excellence® utilizing state-of-the art manufacturing. DirectVent Pro features tight inner connections for superb performance, with no gaskets or sealants required (unless specified by the appliance manufacturer). All black pipe lengths, pipe extensions, and elbows feature laser-welded outer wall seams for a sleek finish. Low-profile locks and no hems or beads allow for a beautiful product that looks elegant in any interior. Engineered Excellence® with innovation and style ... DirectVent Pro. Dura-Vent's direct vent is specified exclusively by nearly every major stove and fireplace manufacturer in the U.S. and Canada, with the largest choice of termination caps for direct vent available. Available in 4" x 6-5/8" and 5" x 8" diameters. DirectVent Pro carries a limited-lifetime warranty.

Diagram for DirectVent Pro Coaxial Venting System

Typical Installations

Using the Typical Venting Installation drawings, select the appropriate component parts for your installation.

The inner pipe diameter should match the outlet size of the appliances. For installations that require 4 inch vent and the appliance has a 3 inch outlet, use an increaser adapter 3 inch-4 inch.

Check the appliance manufacturer's installation instructions to confirm which types of vent configurations are permitted (i.e. horizontal, vertical, chimney reline, etc.). Also, check for any venting restrictions such as maximum horizontal run, minimum and maximum vertical rise, maximum offset, etc.

Be fire-safe! Maintain at least the minimum clearances (air space) between the vent pipe and combustibles, as specified in the appliance manufacturer's installation instructions. Use proper support and bracing. Follow local building codes and have your venting system inspected.

All DirectVent Pro components are compatible with DirectVent GS stock, except for the DirectVent Pro Pipe Extensions.

Cathedral Ceiling Stove Installation

Diagram for Cathedral Ceiling Stove Installation

Masonry Chimney Conversion

Diagram for Masonry Chimney Conversion

Fireplace Vertical Termination

Diagram for Fireplace Vertical Termination

Metal Chimney Conversion

Diagram for Metal Chimney Conversion

Stove Horizontal Termination

Diagram for Stove Horizontal Termination

Co-Linear Insert

Diagram for Co-Linear Insert

Installation Key

Installation Key

1 Vertical Termination Cap 9 90 degree Elbow
2 Storm Collar 10 Horizontal Termination Cap (many cap choices available)
3 Flashing 11 Snorkel Termination Cap
4 Cathedral Ceiling Support Box 12 Chimney Liner Termination Kit
5 Pipe 13 3 inch Flex
6 45 degree Elbow 14 Co-Axial to Co-Linear Connector
7 Class A Chimney Conversion Kit 15 Masonry Chimney Conversion Kit
8 4 inch Flex 16 Elbow Strap

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