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Double Wall Chimney Pipe

Class A Double Wall Insulated Chimney Pipe

To determine your size measure the inside dimension across the chimney or appliance opening. Follow manufacturer recommendations whenever applicable when installing your chimney pipe. Never use a chimney that is smaller in diameter than the flue size of the appliance it is being connected to. If you would like some help to determine which size chimney vent system is best suited for you, contact our chimney professionals today.

Duravent- DuraTech Double Wall Chimney Pipe - 5", 6", 7", 8", 10", 12", 14"

Our largest selection of sizes and components is from DuraVent - DuraTech chimney pipe. Duravent is a great choice as it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, is offered in stainless steel and galvanized finishes and is the leading brand in the chimney pipe industry.

Stainless Steel Double Wall Chimney Pipe

Stainless Steel chimney pipe should always be installed at the exterior of the home. If you are in a colder climate area then it is recommended you choose stainless steel over galvanized chimney pipe for your entire installation from the ceiling, through your attic and outside.

Galvanized Double Wall Chimney Pipe

Galvanized chimney pipe is a good choice if you're looking for a more economic installation and will save you some money over the stainless steel chimney pipe. It is always best to consult with a professional and evaluate the needs for your installation based on the climate in your area.

Double Wall Chimney Pipe Installation

Check out our chimney pipe learning center which has full video walkthroughs and articles about chimney pipe installation. Before you purchase your chimney pipe for your appliance always consult the manual to see if there is a specific chimney pipe that must be installed. You will always want to install the recommended pipe from the manual. If you are installing DuraTech we strongly recommend that a professional does your installation as there is a limited lifetime warranty that is only valid with a pro installer. If you are seeking to do the installation on your own, then the ShastaVent brand is a good choice.

Do I need double or triple wall chimney pipe?

This will depend on your installation. If you are installing in a mobile home then it is recommended that you use triple wall chimney pipe, which we sell as DuraPlus. While DuraPlus has the added benefit of the triple-wall system it does not have as many components as the double wall pipe which is DuraTech. Installers often choose DuraTech as it is available in many sizes and lengths. Again, your installation will determine which pipe you will need, you can use our Chimney Wizard to configure your chimney and compare what will be the best pipe to install.

How long does double wall chimney pipe last?

The average lifespan of stainless steel chimney pipe or chimney liner is approximately 15 to 20 years. DuraVent offers a limited lifetime warranty on their chimney pipe which will cover 100% of your purchase for replacement if it is 15 years or earlier, after 15 years they will cover 50% of the replacement, It is also important to note that the warranty is also only honored if installed by a professional installer.

Why use double wall stove pipe?

Double wall stove pipe has many benefits:

  1. Double wall will last longer than single wall stove pipe
  2. Double wall will improve the draft as it is air insulated.
  3. Double wall also produces less creosote than single wall stove pipe.
  4. Double wall allows for closer clearances to combustibles than single wall, so the appliance/pipe can be closer to walls/ceiling with double wall, and is always the best choice for in tight areas

For a comparison chart, check out our article Single Wall Vs. Double Wall Stove Pipe.

How hot does double wall chimney pipe get?

Double Wall chimney pipe can reach temperatures up to 1000 degrees inside of the chimney flue but on the outside will not burn if you touch it. This allows the chimney pipe to be installed closer to combustibles.

How to clean double wall chimney pipe?

Double wall chimney pipe can be cleaned using several methods. First, for regular and on-going maintenance you will need to purchase anti-creo soot which can be applied by a spray before every fire. The creosote remover is great for keeping your appliance running efficiently and your chimney pipe clear of deposits like nasty creosote which can be dangerous. If you have no maintained your existing chimney and need to give it a good clean out before the burning season, then we recommend you use one of our chimney brushes and rods to clean the chimney from the top to the bottom.