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DuraLiner Chimney Relining System - Chimney Liner

DuraLiner Chimney Relining System - Chimney Liner

Jun 16th 2020

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When a masonry chimney is damaged or has fallen down, it can be replaced with a safe, listed liner system or factory-built chimney. DuraLiner, when used with a Transition Anchor Plate and in combination with DuraTech, DuraPlus, or DuraPlus HTC Chimneys, replaces the damaged masonry chimney with a safe, efficient, and economical listed chimney system (DuraPlus HTC is listed for use in Canada). DuraLiner is a high-temperature, insulated double-wall masonry relining system for use with appliances fueled by gas, pellet, oil, wood, or coal. DuraLiner ensures safe and efficient venting of heating appliances, while protecting the masonry chimney from the damaging effects of flue gas. DuraLiner is the only factory-insulated product with zero/zero clearance for high heat wood-burning appliances. No need to uncoil flex, insulate a majority of the pipe, or protect the insulation when installing. A smooth inner means less creosote buildup. DuraLiner is available in 5", 6", and 8" diameters. DuraLiner carries a limited-lifetime warranty.

Duraliner Install
A smooth wall chimney.
Chimney Liner Kits

For added strength, additional integrity and 20% higher draft, line your masonry chimney with a smooth-wall chimney lining kit.

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0" clearance between the liner and masonry and 0" clearance between the masonry and combustibles. DuraLiner Flex: 1" clearance to masonry. Zero clearance with insulation.

.016" 304 stainless steel inner liner. Rigid relining pipe: double-walled with 304 stainless steel inner and galvalume outer. Factory-insulated with a 0.5" insulation blanket.

DuraLiner Rigid Pipe in round or oval, is constructed with built-in fittings and pre-drilled holes (stainless steel rivets included).

Round 5" DuraLiner Rigid Pipe is constructed with built-in twist-lock and pre-drilled holes.

UL listed to UL 1777 (MH14420), ULC listed to ULC S635 and ULC S640 (CMH1329).

Top of masonry chimney needs to have a level surface to insure proper fit for the Extend-A-Cap or Transition Anchor Plate and to provide a secure, leak-proof installation.

Typical Installations

Using the Typical Venting Installation drawings, select the appropriate component parts for your installation.

The inner pipe diameter should match the outlet size of the appliances.

Check the appliance manufacturer for installation requirements affecting venting. Keep vent path as straight as possible for best performance.

Be fire-safe! Follow local building codes and have your venting system inspected.

For installations using a Transition Anchor Plate, refer to DuraTech or DuraPlus installation instructions for proper parts and installation.

Installation Key

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