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Fireplace Doors

Fireplace Doors

Adding glass doors to your fireplace will add safety, security, and efficiency to your home heating efforts. With a wide variety of sizes, styles, and finishes to choose from including stock, zero-clearance, and custom door options. You're sure to find a fireplace door to perfectly fit your home and hearth.

Which type of fireplace door are you looking for?

Whether you are looking to repair a broken wood stove door, replace your gas insert's doors, or looking to give your living room fireplace a facelift, new fireplace doors will solve your problems.

Masonry Fireplace Doors and Prefab Fireplace Doors

The best place to start when shopping for Fireplace doors is to first determine which kind of fireplace you have, thus leading us to which door type you will require. For example, do you have a brick chimney and firebox, otherwise known as a masonry fireplace? Or do you have a prefabricated, or zero-clearance fireplace that requires a more specific door?

Stock Fireplace Doors

Stock Doors come in a wide selection of sizes but are somewhat limited, prefabricated in several finishes. (Finishes vary by brand and model)

Custom Fireplace Doors

When you don't have a standard fireplace size or shape a custom door is your solution. This is a made-to-order option that will ensure you get a door that will work with your unique setup.

Cabinet Style Fireplace Doors or Bifold Fireplace Doors?

Which fireplace door type will fit your style? Cabinet style or bifold? It's all about the glass panes. A bifold door is probably the most popular and most commonly seen fireplace door type. This door style features two doors, each with two glass panes that fold out upon opening. Cabinet-style fireplace doors feature one or two single glass pane doors that open much like a kitchen cabinet would.

What kind of cover do you need? Fireplace doors or Fireplace screen?

Fireplace doors are the obvious answer if your main interest is blocking a cold draft or preventing air exchange to avoid heat loss, but what if this isn't your main concern? A fireplace screen isn't going to seal off your fireplace but they are a great way to block your fireplace away from pets and little ones as well as protect your home from floating embers and sparks that could cause potential damage.

How much do glass fireplace doors cost?

The cost of fireplace doors depends largely on your specific needs. Starting with the stock doors being the most readily available and the more inexpensive. However, once you start getting more specific, a custom, made-to-order door may get a little more pricey. We at Northline Express can guarantee to offer you the best price we can for a product we will stand behind! Shop our selection to price outdoors now!

How to measure fireplace doors?

Check out our help article on measuring for your new fireplace doors here.

How to replace fireplace doors?

Its probably not as hard as you'd think.

Fireplace Door Replacement

  1. Remove old doors
  2. Install new doors

It's that easy...

How to remove fireplace doors?

Most fireplace doors can be taken out by simply removing a couple of fasteners, like nuts and bolts/screws, and potentially a bracket of some kind. Once the fasteners are removed the old door assembly should be able to slide out. You may want to take this opportunity to tidy up the hard-to-reach areas your doors hide when installed. Check out our fireplace cleaning products to make this process a breeze.

Fireplace Door Installation

Depending on the type of fireplace door the installation can vary. Most prefab models have a certain set of instructions that need to be followed to install the door successfully. Manuals are usually provided with purchase, but we have many available on the product pages as a pdf download under the "Add to Cart" button. Masonry fireplaces tend to be a little easier to install usually only requiring the drilling of a few new holes to line up with the bracket or holes in the new door assembly and fastening in place. For more detailed instructions or assistance please contact your contractor for specific steps to be taken when installing.

To learn more, check out our article on the Benefits of Fireplace Glass Doors.

We Make Shopping for New Fireplace Doors Online Easy at NorthlineExpress!!

Shop a variety of finishes like brass, bronze, chrome, and black fireplace doors. (Finish options vary by brand and model)

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