Fireplace Glass - How Much Glass Do I Need?

Jun 15th 2020

Fireplace Glass - How Much Glass Do I Need?

Indoor Fireplace Demonstrating Fireplace Glass,  an Alternative to Wood and Gas Log Fireplaces

Fireplace Glass

Fireplace glass is a modern and contemporary alternative to wood burning fireplaces and gas log fireplaces. Fireplace glass creates a mesmerizing fire that can be enjoyed in both indoor and outdoor settings.

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Before you can determine the amount of fireplace glass you will need you must first determine the method of installation you will use. There are several options for installing your fireplace glass, below we will list the two most common.

Glass Only Method:
The first is to use all glass. This is more expensive but easier to install. When using this method you may opt to use a less expensive glass to fill the bulk of the fireplace and then top it off with your desired color to save money. See the installation instructions for more details.

Filler Method:
Another option is to use a filler like volcanic rock and sand.  This method will save you quite a bit of money however it requires a trip to the hardware/lawn and garden store to pick up the sand and lava rock.  Note:  To determine the amount of lava rock you will need use the calculator below to determine the amount of glass needed and divide that by 2.  You will need to estimate the amount of sand.  See the installation instructions for more details.

The amount of glass for each fireplace varies depending on the size of the fireplace and fill depth.  Enter the back width, front width, depth front to back, and the thickness of fireplace glass you intend to use (3"-4" when using just glass on average and 2" when using a filler).
Note:  All dimensions should be entered in inches.

Enter your fireplace dimensions:
Fireplace Dimensions

Enter your round fireplace dimensions:
Round Fireglass Diagram for Fireplace Dimensions

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