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Fireplace Gloves

During the harsh winter months, it can be a challenge to keep your hands from drying out and to prevent getting splinters, especially when handling firewood and fireplace logs. Gathering firewood and moving it from your outdoor log racks into your home hearth area is a task that you have to perform on a routine basis all winter long. Having a good pair ofFireplace Gloves can help protect your hands year-round and give you comfort whenever you need to handle logs and firewood.

The best Fireplace Gloves are fire resistant, heavy duty and long enough to protect your hands when moving logs into your fireplace or wood stove

When choosing a pair of fireplace gloves, you will want to focus on three key features: fire resistance, durability, and size.

Fire resistance is crucial to protect your hands from the extreme heat of the fireplace. Look for gloves made from materials like leather or Kevlar, which can withstand high temperatures. Some gloves can resist heat up to 930 degrees Fahrenheit.

Durability is another important factor. Heavy-duty gloves, often made of leather, cowhide, or other tough materials, can resist wear and tear from handling logs.

Finally, consider the size and overall length of the fireplace gloves. The Gloves should be the right size for your hands and the longer gloves, around 16 inches, provide extra protection for your wrists and forearms. A lot of gloves are going to come in just a few size options, and there are some brands that are one size fits all. Try to refer to sizing guides when choosing your particular size.

Remember, the best gloves combine all these features to ensure maximum protection and comfort.

A good pair of fireproof fireplace gloves are excellent to use with your fireplace, wood burner stove, outdoor fire pit, or whenever you are chopping or moving firewood

In addition to indoor fireplace use, quality fireplace gloves are versatile and can be used with various heat sources, including wood burner stoves and outdoor fire pits. They are also perfect for tasks like chopping or moving firewood. These gloves are designed to give optimal protection against splinters and burns, making your work safer and more comfortable.

Moreover, high-quality gloves are not limited to fireplace use - they can be handy for other tasks demanding heat resistance. For example, they can be used in cooking, particularly when using a BBQ grill or even when removing items from your home oven.

  • Wood burner stoves: Their high temperatures make using protective gloves crucial to avoid burns when adding or rearranging logs.
  • Outdoor fire pits: Protective gloves are essential here as the open flame can cause unpredictable heat surges.
  • Chopping or moving firewood: Gloves protect against splinters, cuts, and abrasions.

Remember, the best gloves are those that fit well, resist high temperatures, and can withstand heavy-duty use.

Fireproof Hearth Gloves can come in Men and Women's sizes and are usually made of leather or another fire-resistant material

When you are choosing fireplace gloves it is important to find ones that fit your hands well. It can be a little tricky because some Glove Brands only have one size, but there are some brands that feature Men and Women's Sizes. Some manufacturers will have a sizing chart that you can reference before you purchase so that you can ensure the gloves will fit you properly.

Fireplace Gloves are only one type of Fireplace Accessory

Fireplace Accessories help to add function, safety, and style to your home hearth area. From fireplace tool sets to fireplace screens, to hearth rugs, steamers, and more. The right combination of Fireplace Accessories can help make your home heating experience that much more enjoyable.

Check out our full line of Fireplace Gloves as well as all of our Fireplace Accessories.

FAQ - Fireplace Gloves - Fire Gloves - Heat Resistant Gloves

What are fireplace gloves used for?

While the primary function of a pair of fireplace gloves is to handle wood around your hearth area, Fireplace gloves serve a wide variety of practical uses. Given their heat-resistant properties, these gloves are essential for safely handling and maneuvering hot logs and coals in a fireplace or wood stove. They also provide protection from potential burns when using outdoor fire pits or barbecues.

Moreover, fireplace gloves find utility in welding operations, where they shield hands from extreme heat and sparks. Their robust construction also makes them suitable for animal handling, offering bite-proof protection. Finally, they are also used in the kitchen for tasks that involve exposure to high temperatures, such as baking or removing hot pans from the oven.

In summary, fireplace gloves are multi-functional, providing essential protection in various heat-intensive tasks.

What are hearth gloves?

Fireplace Gloves can go by many different names, depending on the brand and manufacturer. They can also be known as Hearth Gloves, Fire Gloves, Heat Resistant Gloves, and even share many similarities to Welding Gloves. All of these names refer to either fireproof or fire-resistant gloves that can be used around a fire. It's a good idea to do some research to make sure whichever pair of gloves you purchase is rated for the type of usage that you want to perform.

What are the best fireplace gloves?

Northline Express features two different pairs of gloves that are highly rated and feature quality customer reviews. They are:

The Red Flame X Deluxe Fireplace Glove Pair made by Wood Eze and the Hearth X Black Fireplace Gloves - Pair also made by Wood Eze

How to clean and maintain fireplace gloves?

The best way to keep your fireplace gloves in good condition is to perform regular cleaning. Regular cleaning is essential. It will depend on the material and type of gloves that you choose as to how to best take care of them. Most gloves will come with wash and care instructions.

If you are not sure how to clean your gloves, then hand washing is generally the safest method. Hand washing includes using a mild soap or laundry detergent.

Here's a basic guide to hand-washing the gloves:

  • Before cleaning, ensure the gloves are cool and remove any loose soot or ash by shaking or tapping them gently.
  • Prepare a solution of warm water and a small amount of mild soap or laundry detergent in a sink or basin.
  • Soak the gloves in the solution for a few minutes, then gently scrub them using a soft brush or sponge, paying attention to heavily soiled areas.
  • Rinse thoroughly under lukewarm water until all soap is removed.
  • Air-dry the gloves, avoiding direct sunlight or heat sources, which may cause the material to become brittle or shrink.
  • Once dry, you may wish to apply a leather conditioner to keep the material supple.

Keep in mind that these gloves should not be cleaned in a washing machine or dryer due to the risk of damage or shrinkage. Also, do not use bleach or harsh cleaning agents, which could damage the fire-resistant properties of the material.

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