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Beautiful Décor Ideas for your Hearth & Home - Hearth Rugs & other Fireplace Accessories

The strict definition of a hearth is: the floor of the firebox made of brick, stone, or other non-combustible material where the fire is built, or an insert/wood burning stove sits, and that usually extends out in front of the firebox and to the sides to protect the floor from heat and embers. Most people, however, consider the hearth to be the entire area surrounding the fireplace. Northline Express can help you add all the decorative touches to your fireplace & hearth to achieve a look that you will love for years to come. We offer the widest selection of high quality, beautifully crafted items like mantels, surrounds, hearth rugs, grates, wood baskets, and the list goes on and on. Come see for yourself! Browse our outstanding selection of Fireplace & Hearth items.

What is a hearth?

The fireplace hearth is the floor of the firebox made of brick, stone, or other non-combustible material. It is where the fire is built or an insert/wood burning stove sits. It usually extends out in front of the firebox and to the sides to protect the floor from heat and embers. The hearth can lend a decorative touch to your fireplace as well as providing a place for your fireplace tools and accessories. If you have a stand alone wood, pellet, or gas stove, you can create a beautiful inviting hearth with one of our skillfully crafted in the USA Hearth Pads. We also offer the broadest selection of decorative and functional fireplace tools. Pick out a set of tools with a stand, or individual tools such as: pokers, tongs, brushes, or shovels. Whatever you are looking for, you will find the right tool(s) for the best value at Northline Express

What is an open hearth fireplace?

An open hearth fireplace is a firebox made of brick, stone, or other non-combustible material, that is set into a wall with a chimney above and the hearth at the bottom extending out in front and to the sides. This is what many people think of as the classic wood burning fireplace. For people who desire the look, sound, and smells of a real wood fire, it cannot be beat.

What is a fireplace surround?

Many fireplaces have a "Mantel", or decorative shelf, above the fireplace. A fireplace surround is a decorative facing for the fireplace that includes a mantel and extends across the top and down the sides. Surrounds come in many styles and finishes to give you just the look you want. Northline express offers high quality, hand crafted surrounds made from most popular decorative wood types. See our skillfully manufactured, beautiful fireplace surrounds & mantels.

What is the bench in front of a fireplace called?

A fireplace hearth was historically used for heating and cooking from the earliest of times. Today, fireplace hearths have evolved towards more functional and decorative purposes. A hearth is located inside and outside the firebox. The part of the hearth that extends into the room from the fireplace opening is also referred to as the "hearth extension". One of the main purposes of this extension or "bench" is providing a seat close to the fire for heat. The most common example of hearths designed for this purpose are called "raised hearths". Hearths also serve to create a area around the fireplace to keep sparks and embers that pop out of the fire from reaching the floor, thus keeping your home safe, and keeping children and pets away from the fire. You can always add other accessories like fireplace screens, fireplace rugs, grates, firebacks, andirons, wood racks, or bellows to increase the safety, efficiency, and appeal of your fireplace hearth. No matter what the primary purpose is for your hearth, Northline Express has all of decorative and functional fireplace accessories you will need.

What accessories should I buy for my fireplace & hearth?

A very popular addition to to a heath is the fireplace screen. A fireplace screen sits on the hearth and covers the firebox opening to keep sparks and embers in the firebox and also keeps children and pets away from the firebox. With a fireplace screen, you get a classic decorative look, the true sights, sounds, and smells from your fireplace with a added sense of security. Glass Fireplace Doors are a popular alternative to a screen and provide a more modern and finished look to your fireplace

A fireplace grate is one of the most important fireplace accessories to ensure you have a warm, satisfying fire. Fireplace grates play a significant role in making sure your fire gets the air it needs. Lifting the fire off the floor does two things, it lifts the fire closer to the chimney and allows air to move under the fire. This supercharges your fire, and also drafts smoke and fumes out the chimney instead of into your home. Fireplace grates come is many styles and are made from a number of quality materials. Many of the grates Northline Express offers are made here in the USA.

When considering fireplace accessories, do not neglect those that make wood burning easier and more convenient. A log splitter can cut down the time necessary to prepare the wood for burning and greatly reduce the physical effort needed. Log splitters comes it various types from manually assisted splitting aids to the electric model that can split full 15" logs of up to 12" in diameter quickly and with minimal effort. To store all of your split firewood, consider one of our decorative firewood racks or baskets. Our fantastic section ensure that your firewood is ready when you are and in a convenient locating.

How to clean a fireplace hearth?

Since the fireplace hearth is so integral to the room (living room, family room, or kitchen) it is in, it is important to keep it well maintained and clean. Northline Express has the friendly expert specialists any homeowner needs to select and use the proper maintenance/cleaning products. Check out our amazing selection of fireplace maintenance & cleaning products!

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