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Heating Efficiently with Wood

Jun 17th 2020

Heating Efficiently with Wood

No other heating source comes close to comparing to the beauty, warmth, and efficiency of a wood burning fire. Heating with wood is already a savvy way to save money on home heating costs however, there are tricks and trades to making your wood heating appliance even more fuel and cost efficient.

Different species of firewood produce different heat values and play a big role in how efficiently a wood burning appliance operates. Dry, well seasoned, hardwoods burn the hottest with less smoke, and contain the least amount of moisture so they produce less creosote deposits. A low temperature fire and soft woods that are full of moisture will produce condensation in the venting system and allow creosote to build up on the interior of the chimney causing draft problems and other issues that can interfere with the efficiency of your heating appliance.

Blower fans, motors, and grate heaters are a great way to make your wood heating appliance operate more efficiently. These items are designed to draw room temperature air into the firebox where it is heated and then returned into the room. The fan will push heat throughout the home to heat a larger area in a short amount of time. Blowers, motors, and grate heaters not only increase efficiency, They also maintain the aesthetics of your fireplace.

Glass doors are an economical, decorative way to boost wood stove and fireplace efficiency. When left open in the winter, warm air escapes up the chimney and in the summer conditioned air is also lost.Glass doors minimize air loss in both cases and save you money. Aside from an economical and efficiency stand point, glass doors will allow you to enjoy beautiful flame presentation as well as monitor the fire for refueling.

Logs in log rack
Firewood Racks

Keep your firewood high and dry with one of our firewood racks. Firewood racks are essential fireplace accessories that keep insects and rodents out of your wood and protect your firewood from rot.

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Fireplace Heaters

Fireplace heaters are highly recommended fireplace accessories that increase fireplace efficiency and decrease home heating costs by circulating cold air into the grate and warm air back out into the room being heated.

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Fireplace Doors

If there is one thing that your fireplace can't do without, it is a set of fireplace doors. Glass doors can create the perfect finishing touch to your warm and inviting fireplace and hearth area.

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