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Clean and Preserve your Roof

Jun 17th 2020

Clean and Preserve your Roof

Why You Should Clean Your Roof

All roofs are prone to moss and algae accumulation whether they are constructed of wood, clay, metal, asphalt, concrete tiles or any other roofing material. Although moss and algae themselves do not cause damage to the roofing materials, they do trap water which accelerates wear and tear on shingles and asphalt. Moss has a shallow root system and therefore when it builds up on the roof, it keeps roofing materials trapped with moisture for long periods of time and shortens the life span of untreated wood, asphalt, and other roofing materials. This leaves your home extremely vulnerable to leaks and water damage. The good news is mold and algae are easy to clean off of the roof. It's a do it yourself job, and more importantly, it is very easy to keep mold and algae from growing back.

3 Easy Steps to Cleaning Your Roof

Wet the section of the roof down that you will be working on first. Apply the Roof Cleaner Concentrate using the Roof Cleaner Applicator tool. Spray this on the roof and allow it to set for 15 minutes. Make sure it remains wet. If it dries out, spray more cleaner or some water on it to keep the cleaner active.

Wetting roof with cleaner

After attaching the Roof Rinsing Tool to the end of your hose, turn on the water, then turn on the utility water pump. Start at the peak of the roof and work your way down towards the gutters, rinsing the Roof Cleaner Concentrate off the roof.

Rinsing roof

After the entire roof has been cleaned and rinsed, apply the Stain Blocker for Roofs using a pump sprayer. This can be applied to a damp roof, and does not need to be rinsed off.

Rinsing again

Keep in Mind

Although some homeowners swear by using a pressure washer to clean their roof, it is a risky method and can produce devastating results including costly repair and even roof replacement. Sure it's worked for some, but in other not so fortunate cases, substantial amounts of damage have been done to the roof. If it doesn't damage it the first, second, or even third time you wash your roof, it can still wear on the roof over time and weaken it with each power wash.

Tools you need to clean your roof


Hose long enough to reach entire roof

Soft bristle broom

Tri-sodium based cleaner

Plastic cover to protect surrounding trees & plants

Roof cleaning safety tips

Wear non-skid shoes or boots with good traction

Make sure the ladder is sturdy and in good condition

Wear a safety harness

Wear safety goggles