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Fireplace Mantel Surrounds

When you add a fireplace mantel to your hearth area it will naturally become the focal point of the home and popular gathering place during holidays and get-togethers. Our fireplace accessories selection includes an assortment of fireplace surrounds that are available in unfinished, paint grade and a variety of stained finishes to coordinate with any home's interior.

A fireplace Mantel surround is an enclosure that surrounds and frames a fireplace opening. It serves to add both aesthetics and functionality to your fireplace wall. Adding fireplace surround is an easy way to create a stunning focal point in your fireplace room that will showcase your style and creativity.

Fireplace Mantle Surrounds frame in your firebox and create a decorative focal point

Adding a fireplace mantel to your hearth area is a great way to create a natural focal point of your home. Fireplace mantels come as either full surrounds that entire firebox or as a mantel shelf that is just a shelf that sits above the firebox on the fireplace wall. The fireplace area is a popular gathering place during the cold months, so why not get a bit creative with your style and make those holidays and family gatherings extra special by adding a fireplace surround.

Surrounds are a unique way to enclose the area around the firebox. The surround typically has components that fit on both sides of the firebox and includes a mantel shelf or a top mantelpiece that rests above the firebox. In some cases this top mantelpiece can be adorned with decorative items such as photo frames, glassware, artwork and more.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all fireplaces are approved to have all kinds of surrounds. Surrounds can be made of combustible or non combustible materials and all fireplaces have clearance requirements when it comes to the types of surrounds that can be used in conjunction with their models. It is always a good idea to reference the product manual of your heating appliance to see which surrounds are approved for use with the unit you have.

Fireplace Surrounds come in a variety of styles from simple and contemporary to vintage to modern and traditional

There are a wide array of style options when it comes to fireplace mantel surrounds. You can choose from many different styles such as: contemporary, modern, vintage, or traditional. No matter what style your home is decorated in, you are sure to be able to find a surround that will accent your decor. The design of the surround may include intricate carvings, ornate details, or sleek, clean lines. A lot of the design options just depend on the homeowner's preferences and the style of the room you are working in.

Pearl Fireplace Mantels manufacturers some beautiful fireplace mantels and surrounds. They offer over 30 different styles and options in a variety of styles and materials. Pearl Mantels is one of the most trusted brands of mantels in the industry.

We have a full line of Fireplace & Hearth´╗┐ products to check out. These accessories can add to your overall look and function of your hearth area. These accessories include log racks and firewood holders, fireplace tool sets, hearth rugs and more.

Fireplace surround kits can be made of wood, marble, stone, metal or composite and can work for wood burning, electric or gas units

Fireplace surrounds can be constructed from various materials, including wood, stone (such as marble, granite, or limestone), tile, brick, metal, or even composite materials such as MDF. The choice of material can significantly influence the overall look and feel of the fireplace. The type of material also plays a factor when you are trying to adhere to clearance requirements. Wood surrounds, MDF, and some composite materials are combustible and can catch fire if they are installed within the minimum safe clearances listed by the manufacturer and state and local building codes.

Pearl Fireplace Mantels offer some of the most beautiful wood mantels on the market today. They have been producing mantels since 1995 and their fireplace mantels represent roots, heritage and tradition.

Check out our full line of Pearl Fireplace Mantels and you can choose from wood, MDF, stone or other construction and you can also check out their mantel shelves as well as full fireplace surrounds.

FAQ - Fireplace Mantle Surrounds

What is the best surround for a fireplace?

When you are looking at fireplace surrounds, the material the surround is made of and the size will determine the price, but as for the best surround, this really depends on what you are looking for. The best material for one customer may be different for another. The most trusted brand that we carry is Pearl Mantles. They produce high quality furniture like products. but ultimately with surrounds it is more about how they look and how they are made.

Should my fireplace mantel surround be wider than my firebox?

This is going to depend on the clearance requirements listed in your fireplace's installation manual or will be addressed in your state and local building codes. In a lot of cases, the best look is to have the surround as close to the firebox as possible. If you have an electric fireplace or a zero clearance fireplace, most of the times surrounds can be installed very close to the actual firebox. For wood burning units, sometimes surrounds are not allowed. The first step is to check with your product manual and your local codes before purchasing.

What are the sides of a fireplace mantel called?

The top piece that sits above the firebox is called the mantelpiece or the fireplace mantel shelf. The sides of the surround are commonly referred to as pilasters or fireplace legs. They can have a very simple design or can be intricately designed and ornate. Normally these pilasters or legs offer support to the mantelpiece top shelf.

How is a fireplace surround attached to the wall? How do you install a fireplace surround?

There are a variety of ways that surrounds can be attached and every model will have a different set up. Most of the time they are mounted with wall cleats, fasteners or are even sometimes screwed right into the wall. More often than not they are not attached to the firebox. It is a good idea to review the manual's installation guide prior to purchasing to make sure that the surround can be attached to your wall material.

Where can I learn more about Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds?

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