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Fireplace Tool Sets

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Fireplace Tool Sets

There's nothing better than enjoying the warmth and comfort of a glowing fire that you built in your fireplace and/or fire pit. The glow of the flames and the sounds of crackling wood add to the ambiance and enjoyment of a wood-burning fire. In order to properly manage and tend to that fire you need a good set of fireplace accessories. Perhaps the most important and handy accessory you can own and use is a quality combination of Fireplace Tools. Fireplace Tool Sets usually include a combination of multiple items, including a fireplace poker, a long pair of tongs, ash shovels, brooms, and ember rakes, and can even come with a wood holder rack.

The best fire tool sets come as a kit with multiple tools and are made of heavy-duty materials such as wrought iron or stainless steel

When it comes to fire tool sets, quality and functionality are key. The most sought-after fireplace tool sets come with multiple tools, providing everything you need in one package. These kits generally include:

  • A poker: for adjusting logs and stoking the fire.
  • Tongs: to safely handle and reposition burning logs.
  • An ash shovel and broom: for clean-up after the fire.

The best of these sets are made from wrought iron or stainless steel. These materials are not only durable and resistant to heat but also add a touch of elegance to your hearth.

Wrought iron fireplace tool sets feature a traditional and rustic aesthetic. Wrought iron fireplace tool sets are very durable products and the rustic look works with most home decor.

Stainless steel fireplace tool sets feature a sleek and modern look. Stainless Steel fireplace tool sets are also sometimes rated for outdoor use. Be careful though, because there are tool sets that are completely stainless steel throughout, and there are some sets that merely have a stainless finish. The Stainless finish on the tool sets is a coating over the fireplace tools, to give them a more modern look, but these fireplace tool sets are not designed for outdoor use.

Both materials are designed to last. This helps ensure that your fireplace tools will serve you for many fires to come.

Fireplace tool sets are sold as multiple-piece sets. You can find 3-piece fireplace tool sets or some sets come with 4, 5, or even 6 pieces.

Fireplace hearth tool sets come in a wide variety of styles and finishes; including black, brass, bronze, copper, and stainless steel

Fireplace hearth toolsets not only serve a functional purpose, but they can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your fireplace. The variety of styles and finishes that are available in these products means there is a set for every taste and decor.

Black sets offer a classic and versatile option, blending seamlessly with most color schemes. Brass and bronze sets bring a warm, antique feel to your hearth, perfect for traditional or vintage-inspired interiors. Copper sets, on the other hand, provide a unique and rustic appeal, while stainless steel sets give a clean, modern look. 

  • Black: Timeless and versatile, works with any decor
  • Brass/Bronze: Adds a touch of warmth and vintage appeal
  • Copper: Offers a unique rustic aesthetic
  • Stainless Steel: For a sleek and modern look

Choosing the right finish can help to enhance your fireplace's overall appearance and create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Fireplace Tool Sets aren't just for indoor fireplaces. There are multiple options that can be used for outdoor fireplaces and fire pits

Tool sets come in handy for a wide variety of products and applications. They are great to use with Wood Stoves, Pellet Stoves, and Gas Fireplaces, and some sets can even be used outdoors to help tend to the fire in your fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. For any fireplace accessories that are intended for outdoor use, it is recommended to check with the manufacturer to make sure that the fireplace accessories are rated for outdoor use.

It is important to note, that not all fireplace tool sets are designed to be used outdoors. You want to make sure that you use a stainless steel tool set that is intended for outdoor use. Using a tool set that is not designed for outdoors, will not hold up to the elements. Indoor tool sets that are used outdoors will break down much quicker as the humidity and weather will cause the finish to peel or fade and could result in the tools losing their durability.

Adding a set of Fireplace tools to your hearth has many benefits

A good set of fireplace tools not only adds to the decor of your hearth area, but they also makes it easier to tend to your fire and thus increase the enjoyment you can receive from the burning experience.

Efficiency is one of the primary benefits of adding a fireplace tool set to your hearth. With tools like tongs, poker, and shovel at your disposal, you can easily adjust logs, add more fuel, and clean up ash. This makes your fire-burning experience more convenient and hassle-free.

In addition, these tools also enhance safety. For instance, tongs allow you to adjust burning logs without getting too close to the fire, minimizing the risk of burns.

Moreover, fireplace tools also contribute to the longevity of your fire. By efficiently managing the logs and fuel, you can help your fire burn longer and better, providing you with extended warmth and comfort.

Lastly, the right toolset can also add to the aesthetic appeal of your hearth, with various designs and finishes available to match your home decor.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Increased efficiency in managing the fire
  • Enhanced safety during fire tending
  • Improved fire longevity
  • Added aesthetic appeal to your hearth

Remember, a well-chosen tool set can greatly enhance your fire-burning experience.

Northline Express carries products from the leading manufacturers of fireplace tools including Pilgrim, Minuteman, Dagan, Uniflame, and more

At Northline Express, we pride ourselves on carrying a wide selection of fireplace tools from the most trusted manufacturers in the fireplace accessory business. 

  • Pilgrim has been in business for over 60 years and is the nation's best-selling manufacturer of fireplace tool sets. Known for their sturdy build, smooth seams, and a wide variety of colors and styles, their products are a popular choice for many homeowners.

  • Minuteman has been serving the Hearth, Fireplace, and Wood stove industry since 1977. They offer high-quality products with traditional European ironwork-inspired designs at attractive prices.

  • Dagan offers premium fireplace tool sets made from durable steel. Their traditional design complements any decor, and each set includes a brush, poker, shovel, tong, and stand.

  • Uniflame provides a range of fireplace tool sets with a variety of finishes and styles. Their products also include mini sets, fireplace doors, and screens.

Choosing from these renowned brands guarantees you a durable, functional, and stylish addition to your fireplace.

Fireplace tools are just one of the categories of Fireplace Accessories that can enhance your fire experience

The addition of Fireplace Accessories to your home hearth area not only makes it easier and safer to manage your fire experience, but they also add to the overall aesthetics of the hearth area and help to make it a focal point of the home.

Along with Fireplace Tool Sets, other accessories include Fireplace Screens, Hearth Rugs, Kettles and Steamers, Fireplace Doors, Ash Buckets, Log Holders and Carriers, Fireplace Gloves and Fire Backs just to name a few.

Check out the full line of Fireplace Tools and Fireplace Tool Sets as well as our full line of Fireplace Accessories to create the perfect combination of design, function, and safety for your home hearth area.

FAQ - Fireplace Tools and Fireplace Tool Sets

What is a fireplace tool set called?

A fireplace tool set can have a few different names. Sometimes they are referred to as Hearth Tools, fire tools, or even the stove poker thingy. Perhaps the most common way they are referred to is as a fire set. This term encompasses the combination of tools that are typically included in a set: a poker, tongs, a broom, and a shovel. Some fire sets might also include additional items like log holders, ember rakes, or bellows. Fire sets come in various styles, sizes, and materials, offering a wide range of options for both indoor and outdoor use. The fire set is not only practical for managing and maintaining a fire but also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the fireplace area.

Do I really need fireplace tools?

While they may not be required, owning even a simple set of fireplace tools can greatly enhance your fire-managing experience and can enhance safety when managing a fireplace. 

Functionality and Safety: Fireplace tools are not merely decorative elements but serve a variety of practical functions. For instance, a poker allows you to safely manipulate burning logs, while tongs enable you to adjust logs without getting close to the fire. A shovel and brush assist in cleaning up ash and maintaining the cleanliness of your fireplace.

Efficiency: Having the right tools at your disposal can make managing your fire easier and more efficient. You can quickly adjust logs, add more fuel, and clean up the aftermath.

Aesthetics: Fireplace tools come in various designs and finishes, which can add a decorative touch to your hearth, complementing your home's decor.

Longevity of Fire: Properly managing your fire with the help of tools can extend its burning time, providing prolonged warmth and comfort.

In conclusion, while not strictly necessary, fireplace tools can significantly improve your fireplace experience in terms of safety, efficiency, aesthetics, and enjoyment.

What is the best material for outdoor fireplace tools?

When it comes to outdoor fireplace tools, durability and resistance to weather conditions are vital considerations. Stainless steel and wrought iron are two materials frequently used due to their robustness and ability to withstand rust and corrosion. It is always recommended to verify with the manufacturer that the toolset you are looking at is rated for outdoor use. Some manufacturers will void the product warranty if their indoor tool sets are used outdoors.

  • Stainless steel: Known for its high corrosion resistance, stainless steel can stand up to the elements without rusting or discoloring. It's also easy to clean and maintain.

  • Wrought Iron: This material is exceptionally sturdy, making it ideal for heavy-duty use. Wrought iron tools are often coated to prevent rust, making them suitable for outdoor use.

Other materials, such as brass and copper, can also be used for outdoor fireplace tools. However, these materials may require more maintenance to keep them looking their best in outdoor conditions.

Ultimately, the choice of material will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and the prevailing weather conditions in your area. In all cases, it's recommended to store outdoor fireplace tools in a dry, protected place when not in use to prolong their lifespan.

What basic tools do I need to use to manage a fire inside of a fireplace?

To effectively manage a fire inside of a fireplace, several basic tools are essential:

  • Fireplace Poker: A fireplace poker is a long rod with a hook at the end, used to adjust logs and stoke the fire without having to get too close.

  • Fireplace Tongs: These are long-handled tools used to safely move logs and kindling around in the fire.

  • Fireplace Brush: This tool is used to sweep ashes and small debris from the fireplace.

  • Fireplace Shovel: A flat-bladed shovel is useful for scooping up and removing ash and debris from the fireplace.

  • Fireplace Andirons: Also known as fire dogs, these are a pair of horizontal iron bars on which logs are laid for burning in an open fireplace. They allow air to circulate for more efficient burning.

Remember, while these are the basic tools, additional fireplace accessories like ash buckets, ember rakes, fireplace screens, and wood holder racks might be useful depending on your specific fireplace setup.

Where to buy fireplace tools?

Northline Express offers a wide array of fireplace tools and fireplace tool sets for you to browse. All of the sets are shipped directly to your home for your convenience.

Where can I go to learn more about Fire Safety and the basics of Fire management?

Northline Express has created a Resource Center that is full of helpful articles on a variety of fire-related projects and also includes how-to articles to help navigate the installation and product selection processes. Here are a few of our articles related to fire safety and fire management: