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Firewood Accessories

If you enjoy burning wood in your indoor or outdoor wood fireplace or your outdoor fire pit, then the addition of some key firewood accessories can help make your job easier and your yard feel a bit more tidy.Firewood accessories include electric log splitters, firewood racks, firewood carriers, firewood carts, fire starters and more. All of these items can assist you in creating an enjoyable wood burning experience.

Split, Stack and Store your Firewood now so you will be ready for the cold winter season!

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Firewood racks and holders provide storage solutions that work both indoor and outside

Firewood racks and holders are a crucial part of any well organized wood burning setup. They come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your specific needs. For instance, outdoor racks are typically larger and more rugged and are designed to withstand exposure to the elements, while indoor racks are often smaller, more decorative, and designed to complement your home's interior.

Consider adjustable or expandable firewood racks which can be resized to suit the amount of wood you have on hand. Alternatively, you might opt for firewood racks with covers to protect your wood from rain and snow, or log holders with kindling compartments for convenient access to both logs and kindling.

  • Outdoor racks: Designed to withstand weather conditions.
  • Indoor racks: Decorative and space efficient.
  • Adjustable racks: Can be resized to fit your wood storage needs.
  • Racks with covers: Protect your wood from rain and snow.
  • Log holders with kindling compartments: Convenient access to logs and kindling.

Remember, a good rack or holder will not only keep your firewood off the ground, preventing rot and insect infestation, but also help you maintain a neat and organized space.

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Fire wood log storage holders are sized based on the amount of wood that they can hold

Firewood holders and log racks are the premier firewood storage accessory. They are sized based on the face cord or full cord of wood that they can hold.

The size of a firewood holder or log rack is primarily determined by the volume of wood it is designed to hold. These volumes are often measured in units known as face cords and full cords.

  • A face cord, also known as a rick, is a wood stack that is 4 feet high, 8 feet long, and roughly 16 inches deep.
  • A full cord, on the other hand, is a wood stack that measures 4 feet high, 8 feet long, and 4 feet deep.

Various models are available in the market. Some can hold as little as 1/4 cord of wood, ideal for indoor use or small patios. Others can accommodate up to a full cord or more, suitable for outdoor storage or large fireplaces.

Remember, choosing the right size is crucial. Too small, and you'll be refilling it constantly. Too large, and the wood may rot before you use it.

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Firewood carts and log carriers are designed to make it easier to transport wood from your outdoor log rack to your hearth area

Firewood carts and log carriers are practical firewood storage accessories that simplify the process of transporting logs from your outdoor storage area to your indoor fireplace or stove. These carriers are typically made of durable materials like canvas, polyester twill, or leather, ensuring longevity and robustness. They often feature sturdy handles for easy lifting and transport. Some carriers are waterproof or waxed for added protection against moisture. Many are also designed to fold flat when not in use, making them easy to store. There are various styles and sizes available, from compact carriers suitable for small amounts of wood to extra-large carriers for transporting large logs or multiple pieces of firewood at once. Some of them also come with additional features such as security straps for safe transport or double-layered construction for enhanced durability.

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Log Splitters make the job of cutting wood much easier

Log splitters are an essential tool for anyone who frequently cuts firewood. They are designed to make the task of splitting logs into manageable pieces much quicker and less physically demanding.

Most log splitters operate by the use of hydraulic pressure to push a log against a sharp wedge, splitting it in half. There are various models, including gas, electric, and manual log splitters.

The gas-powered models are usually more powerful and capable of handling larger logs, while electric models are quieter and more suited for residential use. Manual log splitters require physical effort but can be a cost-effective and portable solution.

You can also look for log splitter accessories to enhance the functionality of your device. Some useful accessories include log splitter tables, log lifts, and cover for protection when the device is not in use.

Remember, the choice of log splitter and its accessories largely depends on your specific needs, such as the volume of wood you need to split, the type of wood, and how frequently you'll be using it.

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Fire starters are an easy and efficient way of getting your home fires burning

Fire starters are a practical accessory for quickly and efficiently igniting your fireplaces, fire pits, grills or wood stoves. They come in various forms - from matches to fire starter squares and sticks to fire logs. Many fire starters are designed to light quickly, often achieving full flames in less than five minutes, which can significantly reduce the time and effort required to start a fire.

Some fire starters are even designed to work when wet, making them ideal for outdoor use in all weather conditions. They're also great for camping trips, BBQs, or any situation where you need to start a fire fast.

One popular brand of fire starters is the Fatwood brand, a natural fire starter made from the resin rich wood of pine trees. It lights quickly, burns hot, and is free from additional chemicals.

Choosing the right fire starter depends on your specific needs and application - indoor, outdoor, camping, BBQ, etc. Always remember to handle fire starters with caution, as they can ignite quickly and should be kept away from children and pets.

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FAQ - Firewood Accessories

What is the best way to store firewood?

Firewood racks are the most practical and efficient way to store firewood. Firewood racks are designed to elevate wood off of the floor or ground and are built in a way that allows air to circulate around the wood to help with the curing process. There are options for indoor and outdoor firewood racks.

Indoor Firewood Racks - Indoor fire wood racks are usually smaller and more decorative. They offer designs to help coordinate with your home hearth decor. They usually hold enough wood for a couple of fires.

Outdoor Firewood Racks - Outdoor fire wood racks are usually larger and more durable. They are usually crafted with materials that can hold up and withstand the ever changing outdoor elements. These outdoor racks usually have a larger capacity and can sometimes hold enough wood for the entire heating season.

It is sometimes a good idea to have a large outdoor fire wood rack as well as a smaller indoor rack to make your home heating process more efficient and more decorative. Storing wood on a rack is much more aesthetically appealing then just having a stack of wood on the floor.

Is it ok to store firewood outside?

It is perfectly acceptable to store firewood outdoors. It is important to make sure that it is elevated off of the ground and stacked neatly. Firewood racks are the most practical and efficient way to properly stack firewood outdoors. These racks will help elevate the wood, and allows air to circulate around the wood to help with the curing process.

The other benefit to getting the wood off the ground, is that it helps to greatly reduce the possibility of pests and small animals from making homes within the wood piles.

Should firewood be covered outside?

The most important consideration when storing firewood outdoors is that it is kept dry and is allowed to age and cure properly. A lot of firewood racks have options for either full covers or partial covers. The full covers are great if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain and heavy snowfall, as it keeps the wood from getting soaked by the elements.

Partial covers are great for the areas that get the occasional rain or snow. Partial covers usually move up and down the firewood rack frame, so it can adjust as the wood pile is depleted or restocked.

If you live in a humid area, then a cover may not be a good idea, because it can trap moisture within the cover and this will stop the wood from being able to cure properly.

For more information on drying your firewood properly check out this article: How to Cure Firewood

How do you store small pieces of firewood?

Storing small pieces of firewood requires a slightly different approach compared to larger logs. It's crucial to keep these pieces organized, dry, and easily accessible. You can consider using firewood baskets or buckets which are not only practical but can also add aesthetic appeal.

To ensure optimal drying and prevent rotting, use containers that allow for ample air circulation. You can also opt for small firewood racks or bins specifically designed for this purpose.

If you're storing small pieces for kindling, consider kindling holders. These are typically smaller and designed to hold wood pieces used to start a fire. This can be an efficient way to separate your kindling from larger firewood pieces.

What is the thing that holds firewood to make cutting easier?

There are a few items that can hold firewood to make cutting easier. The best tool to use to cut down fire wood is called a log splitter. These log splitters can either be gas powered, electrical powered or manual, but they all can make the job of cutting wood easier.

The next useful accessory is a firewood cutting stand or sawbuck. This device holds logs securely in place, making them easier to cut into smaller pieces. It's designed to elevate the wood off the ground, preventing your chainsaw from hitting the dirt and becoming dull.

Remember to always use protective gear like gloves and eye protection when cutting firewood.

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