Flashlights & LED Headlamps

Northline Express carries top quality safety flashlights and lanterns, all with a lifetime warranty. The brands we carry are StreamLight, Bright Star, and RayoVac. Most are built as a standard bulb flashlight or as an LED flashlight.

StreamLight Stinger flashlights are typically used in law enforcement and have a UL listing for Class I, II, Div. 2. The standard bulb flashlights are rechargeable, lightweight, and compact and the lens is made from polycarbonate. The LED lantern version of StreamLight is known as the Fire Vulcan, which has two ultra-bright LED tailgate lights strong enough to see through thick smoke. StreamLight also makes Stylus, a combination of an LED light and pen flashlight. It can be used for reading a map or for looking in hard to see places.

Bright Star is another popular product. It comes in two designs. “Director” is a standard light flashlight that comes with a snap-on cone to make a more focused beam. The “Trooper II” LED flashlight already has a more focused beam and is also water resistant and has a bulb that lasts for over 50,000 hours.

RayoVac makes flashlights that are used in mine safety. However, they also make a flashlight model called Xenon 4AA, which contains a bright, high pressure light bulb. In addition, the flashlight is bulletproof and has an unbreakable lens.

Flashlights and lanterns are also categorized by function on our website.