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Gas logs offer all of the same exciting characteristics of a true wood burning fireplace without all of the mess and maintenance, a truly great fireplace accessory. A gas log fireplace produces instant heat that can be constantly controlled and turned on and off at any given time. They are environmentally friendly, cost effective and safe to heat your home with. We offer a large selection of gas logs including vented gas log, vent-free gas logs and variety of gas log accessories like control valves, replacement logs and burner components.

You can light your gas log set by match, the turn of a knob, the flick of a wall switch, the use of a thermostat, or by remote control. Once you decide how you would like to operate your set you can determine what type of control valve you need.

Match Lighting: You can use a match or lighter coupled with the use of a manual on/off valve for ignition. This is the most basic method of operation for your gas log set and is not approved for LP (propane) gas. Note: Before considering this type of operation check your local codes as it may not be approved in your area.

Safety Pilot Control: The safety pilot control can be used with NG (natural gas) and is mandatory for LP (propane gas). The safety pilot control offers operation at the turn of a knob. The valve sits inside the fireplace next to the gas log set. You will use a match or lighter to light the pilot originally and then after that you simply turn the knob on the valve to operate your log set.

Millivolt Valve: A millivolt valve gives you the option of using a wall switch, optional thermostat, or optional remote control. When selecting a millivolt valve for use with LP gas (propane) you will need to select a LP conversion kit unless otherwise specified.

Note: Be sure to check your local codes before purchasing a valve type to ensure proper selection.

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